On the issue of cheating

A friend called me up today,and she was in tears because her boyfriend cheated on her,and she was asking me for advice. I asked her if she caught him in the act,she said no,I asked if he had ever made her feel bad about herself or disrespected her in any way,she said no. Then I asked,how she knew he was cheating,and she said someone told her they saw him hanging out with a girl at a restaurant. And I was like,” oh really,you want to break up with your boyfriend who you claim to love because of what a third party told you?” She got all defensive and said,” there is always an element of truth in every rumour”,I just smiled and told her,”you wanted my advice,I don’t think you should break up with him”. See, I know her boyfriend,and I know he could be a miscreant sometimes,but he really loves her,I know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her intentionally,he has a good heart,after she heard all this, she asked me if I had ever been cheated on.
I never know how to answer this question without people telling that I’m nonchalant,so here goes nothing;I don’t know if any of my exes did,but if they did,I have to say that I have dated some of the smartest people alive. None of my relationships ended on a bad note,except one(story for another day),most of them ended because of distance,or we just decided it wasn’t working anymore not because of hate. In fact I want to say thank you to all of them for making me feel like a princess and I hope they meet that amazing person who would make their hearts smile…xoxo