Big Girls Don’t Cry…seriously

Dating is like shopping…you buy yourself a pair of fabulous looking shoes, after a while you discover you not very comfortable walking in it and it gives you bunions the size of a football, but you still can’t give it up because it’s so fab, so you hold on to it stupidly while causing a rift between you n your girlfriend who adores the shoe and(n it fits her better)its great to know when to move on…if its meant to be? IT WILL BE no matter what.
Never regret something that once made you smile: the emphasis i make on this quote would never be enough, whether he cheated or you just drifted apart, it does not mean you should keep hate in your heart. It just grows into a really ugly sore, and no matter how good the next person in your life is, you are going to keep having ugly pictures in your mind which is really sad.
Deleting his numbers ,e-mail, removing him from your facebook, twitter, or myspace friend list won’t do anything(it just creates the illusion)because the person is already tattooed in your heart. instead of hating, I’d advise you grieve properly(because the person is meant to be dead and gone in your mind)don’t drink or ingest too much ice-cream and chocolates, that would make you a fat, dehydrated angry human being, and that’s NOT sassy! The maximum time for grieving is
a week, I’m not joking about this! Anything after that, if I’m your friend, call me ASAP!
I know this is really cliché but a makeover actually improves your self-confidence(and according to LIPGLOSSMAFFIA calculus: confidence +sexy=hot new guys!), so allow your girlfriends in okay, they really care(except the tramp who slept with him). After this transformation, You feel better about yourself, now focus on the good times you have with your ex(there must have been something he was good at, and I ain’t talking sex honey,cuz u ain’t getting none of that), so most of the hatred is gone and there is a brand new positive person to go into the world. You have to be really strong to go through this, you need to have faith in yourself, and believe me,it gets better in time.
P.S if all this don’t work, and you are still bitter and angry, I this to say to you: STOP MOONING OVER WHAT IS DEAD (he is probably out there with some girl making out at the back seat of his frustrated Honda!) Take a look at the mirror :YOU ARE FREAKING BETTER THAN THIS! NOW GET AN APPOINTMENT AT THE SALON!!!

Yours truly,