For The Hope Of Life,She Called Me……..

Saturday evening,I was feeling lazy as usual,sipping on some Coke and Red Label when my phone rang,I didn’t pick it at first because I’m not always excited about unsaved numbers calling me. I picked it the second time it rang and it was one of my Facebook friends,she was really down and needed someone to talk to. Her university has been keeping her on hold for two years now for no reason,she can’t go for service,she lost her father to leukemia. Then she found out she was pregnant,when she told her boyfriend,he gave her his wedding invitation(so cruel) and told her he wasn’t ready to have a child(imagine o).
So we spoke at length,I did my best to comfort her,even got my mother to speak with her,I cracked some jokes,when I heard her laughing,an unimaginable joy filled my heart. She thanked me for speaking with her and I told her to keep in touch.
Like an three hours later,I got a call from a woman,it was my new friend’s mother,who was calling to thank me for saving her daughter’s life. I found it a bit weird until she told me what had happened. Apparently,my friend had just miscarried, and with all that she was going through,she wanted to stab herself. Her mother heard sobbing in the bathroom and decided to check,when she saw her daughter in a pool of her blood with a knife and her phone,she started shouting and calling for help,when they got to the hospital,my friend told her mother-her exact words-“if not for Amyn,if not for Amyn…” After they put her to sleep,the mother took the phone and called me to tell me all this.
I feel so humbled right now as I write this,she actually thought of me at that point of her life……………..*tears*
Titi,I know you would read this when you get out of the hospital,you are always in my prayers and I’m reminding you again,that God loves you so much,you are stronger than you think you are…trust me

I’m wishing you a fruitful new year….I love you #lipglossmaffia