The Myth of Singleness (part 1)

We have been taught by society and our various religious institutions that it is not good to be single. The pressure that we find even in the house of God makes you uncomfortable if you are unmarried. As a matter of fact, as soon as you turn 25 years old, your family and religious people start to wonder if you are straight,asking you,” when are you going to get married?”,”have you found somebody?,”are you a homosexual?” And they begin to pressure you and making you feel something is wrong with you because you are single. Then you get the idea that you are not complete until you are married. I’m telling you,that is satanic and unscriptural. I have read the Bible and the Quran in its entirety and I haven’t found where God commands us to be married.

The number one source of stress is human relationships. Parents not understanding children,children angry at parents,boy not getting along with girl,girl frustrated with boy,congregation not happy with religious leaders,religious leaders confused by congregation,citizens outraged by politicians,politicians dazed by citizens.

It’s a constant battle,everybody is challenged by the mystery of human relationships. The key to successful relationships is KNOWLEDGE. Love does not keep relationships together,knowledge does. So when someone tells you they love you, that is not a guarantee that your relationship will work, so love is not the problem.

Marriage is not a solution to your problems. You have this funny idea that when you find someone to marry, you will finally be happy. If anything, marriage will manifest your defects, ask anyone who is married and let them be really honest with you.

The most important relationship isn’t with other people,it’s with yourself. Self love is the most important love on earth. Most of you hate yourself and you want someone else to live with that. If you hate your nose,your face,your eyes,your legs, why do you want someone else to love it?

Here is a question to ask yourself: if you knew all you know about you,would you date or marry you?If you don’t love you? Why should I? I don’t think you realize what you are asking people to do. Most of us want to know others but don’t know anything about ourselves.

You don’t need to be married to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. There is no reference in the Bible where God commands you to be married to fulfill His purpose. It doesn’t exist in scripture. I am not against marriage, but I’m against you using it to solve your loneliness,depression and self loathing issues…