Happy birthday to my baby sister…xoxo

It’s my baby sister’s birthday today. I still speak of her as my baby sister, and she resignedly says that we will all be calling her ‘the baby’ even when she’s eighty years old. I imagine that the only reason that may not be true is that some of us won’t be around to call her anything. But no doubt she will hear it in her mind.(just kidding)

I love my sister. She is my champion, my encouragement, my inspiration, my muse. She sends me funny videos and pictures when I’m feeling dreary, and cheers me up over the phone on dark days. She laughs until she falls over at my stories, and I fall over myself at hers. She sparks with rage at things worthy of anger (and, some days, things that are not), and reclines like a boneless cat when she is tired. It is difficult to give her any kind of a tribute that reveals in the slightest the incredible person that she is, but I’m going to try. In her honour, here are some life lessons I’m passing on to my ‘baby sister’.

-Do not be overly righteous, or overly wise. If you try to be ‘super spiritual’, you will crash. Enjoy life, enjoy God. Just don’t get all stressed about it.

-Coffee can make ugly things beautiful, and horrible things good. It has magical powers.

-No matter how good they are for you, early morning walks are not God’s best plan for our lives.(hehehehe)

-Girls can be warrior princesses. And they should be.

-Food is food. Don’t get hung up on how it goes together.

-The same goes for clothes.

-Vintage/thrift stores are a gift of God.

-When you don’t know what to write, start writing.

-If you can’t say something nice, say something sarcastic. After a while you will learn to say nothing at all.

-A gift of any kind shows love.

-Sometimes all you need is a good hellfire-and-brimstone sermon.

-Tattoos are of the devil.(seriously!)

-Loyalty matters. But you can’t fling it around indiscriminately, or it wouldn’t be loyalty.

-Weeping may endure through the morning, but joy comes in the evening sometimes.

-When you can’t do anything, re-read a good book.

-Lounge around like a cat when you need rest. Whirl like a dust devil the rest of the time.

-When the world doesn’t make sense, hang out with children. See the world from their eyes.

Live deliberately. Live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. Put to rout all that is not life.

I love you so much my darling sister