Interracial Dating…


I am so sorry for being AWOL. Readers who know me personally know that I have “ported to the abroad”, I’m in one village in Scotland for my masters and I must say,I’m really enjoying myself here (asides the cold). The people are friendly and helpful and the boys…oh my goodness! The men….I’m like a kid in candy land. I noticed that I haven’t seen a lot of black people in the town that I’m in,except the security guy I see all the time at Primark who says hi to me in a really funny accent like we are related or share a personal secret.

So,back to the issue of boys,I really like the males here,they are polite and helpful and cheerful and those that are stoned are even sexy without realizing it and please don’t even get me started on the accent. I visit The Union a lot, which is kind of the university bar/lounge/restaurant and I still haven’t used my miserable money to buy a drink yet…but,it’s like Vodka and Coke is laminated on my forehead,whenever I’m there(BTW I just go for the wifi and music),I always get a drink sent to me,which is weird.

The point to all my storytelling is this,I’m beginning to court the idea of dating. I know you might be thinking,you’ve been single for so long,why a white dude? Well,why the fuck not,is my reply😎
Have you tried any of them? Interracial couples are thankfully no longer in the minority, there are tons of couples that are mixed and it’s a beautiful thing! I did some research and gathered some dating tips for interracial couples that actually make sense and work.(iThink) Remember, your love is all that matters, not the color of your skin.

Have self confidence:Of course, the very first tip for interracial couples is going to revolve around having self confidence in yourself and your relationship. You want to believe in your relationship, otherwise why be in it? A relationship should be built on love, not what other people think or say. Remember that and be confident in what you are building together!

Nobody can tell you who to love:If you fall in love with someone Asian and you are white, that’s okay! If you fall in love with someone black and you are Indian, that’s okay too! It is not about what color your skin is or where you come from, and don’t ever let anyone tell you that it is.

Don’t pay attention to the public:No matter what the public says or the looks that you get, don’t worry about it. You love one another and you are stronger than that. In this generation, interracial couples are not the minority anymore, so just remember, you are not alone in the world and you should flaunt your relationship!

You are more likely to survive hard times: When you are in an interracial relationship, typically you will be able to survive a lot of hard times and it will make you stronger. The reason is because already, just being together, you are overcoming a lot of obstacles! So remember, the next time you two get into a fight, it will be okay and you will survive it!

Don’t worry about the old fashioned:I know that there are a lot of old-fashioned people out there that have their beliefs and are sticking to them. I’m an erotic fiction writer and I face a lot of that already, but just because you are with someone that is different from you, that doesn’t mean that you have to cater to the old-fashioned ideologies. Don’t worry about it; just be proud of your relationship and your love for each other!

No awkwardness:While you might not understand some of the things that your partner does, because of maybe their religion or because of where they grew up, that doesn’t mean that you have to be awkward about it. If you are dating an Indian and you are black, why not learn a bit about their culture and what makes them do and be the way that they are?

Know the person you are dating:This actually applies to all relationships in the world – why not know the person that you are dating? Know them inside and out, know what makes them tick. This will make sure that you survive and that your relationship is that much stronger, no matter what!

Strong foundation: Finally, the last dating tip for interracial couples that I have really, again, applies to all relationships. You’ve got to have a really strong foundation in your relationship to stay together and to survive anything and everything.

So, if you are in an interracial relationship, have you ever faced any of these? What tips did you use? How did you stay strong?