My 2013: Tongue, Vodka and Big Os…


With 2014 looming on the horizon, I feel it’s a good time to take a look back on my 2013 year with the OMGDrift for the practically obligatory and as-expected year-in-review post.

But, Wow!!!
2013 has been an awesome year, where do I even begin the review. I have been staring at pictures from January just to remind myself what went down this year. It has really been an amazing year. I have been happy, sad, hurt, betrayed, drunk out of my mind, scared, stressed, worried but mostly happy. And I have my mummy to thank for this year.I’m currently running my masters program in Scotland, studying Creative Media Practice and I have to keep thanking my mummy for this incredible opportunity. I honestly don’t know where or what or who I’d be without my mummy. I have the bestest mummy in the world!!!!!

So, right now I’m going to go through my year as I remember it:
-I got to work at LTV, I was an editorial assistant and I worked with Pastor Gabriel( I nicknamed him ” Mr G”). It was kind of my first real “office” experience and I gotta tell you, I NO FIT WORK FOR GOVERNMENT O!!!!!! But the experience taught so much about myself and those who struggle everyday with so little, I learnt that I have PATIENCE, I’m really a very patient person, and I’m actually smart.

-Social media is going crazy so I decided to upgrade my social media presence a little this year, and I have to tell you, I have met so many amazing people that I’m sure we probably wouldn’t have “clicked” in real life. And these people have made me grow and mature in my thinking and lifestyle and they have really broadened my horizons. And I’m so grateful to all of them( I know you are reading this) I can’t mention all of you here because, it’s a very long list but you know who you are. Now I have friends( real friends o, not those people) from Facebook, Twitter, Path, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and WordPress. I love you guys so much,you have no idea how grateful I am to God that our paths have crossed and I hope you have an awesome 2014.

-ASUU and University of Abuja has been trying to run my friends down but God pass them, Sarah and Habiba, I am so happy with where we are in our lives right and I know good thins are ahead for us, let’s just stay open and let it flow. Amirah, you have a very special place in my heart, you are one of the strongest women I know and you deserve the world and I wish I could give it you, but I’m going to wait for God to do His job, and I know He will because He also sees you like I do, everything will be fine babe(trust me). Nissi is done with service and I’m so happy, but concerning the next step, just take it easy, it will come to you if you open yourself, don’t worry about the society or age or any of that, it’s your life. I love you guys so much.

-Before I came to the UK, I had heard so many stories of racism, hate, killings and stuff, so I was scared shitless. But the surprising thing is that, from the minute i stepped into this country till this moment, I haven’t experienced anything negative that I had read or seen or been told before. I have met the warmest, nicest, most open people in my life, I don’t know what part of “the abroad” some people have been to, this part is the best, I have made real friends and have been warmly introduced to this new world. I had the opportunity of spending Christmas with my flat mate’s family, it’s just the most experience for me this year, I mean it was my first white Christmas(pun intended) and they just adopted me and made me feel like one of the family, it was a beautiful experience, the food, the conversations, Gosh, Daddy Skinner makes the best dishes, my palates were always having multiple orgasms at dinner. Then if someone had told me, that I would ever be able to hold a non-business/academic conversation with an “oyinbo” boy, I would never believe it but… Wow! (This is going to be a post for another day sha). In a nutshell, not every oyinbo is a serial killer.

-Some of you may not know this but I am a little superstitious so if I don’t thank people or give credit when it’s due, I have this feeling that I’m going to drown(please don’t ask me why). I’m going to just drop names as I remember them in no particular order. I have all these people and things to thank for contributing to my 2013 through ….???? In fact just everything that contributed to making 2013 an awesome year:
-My mummy(duh!)
-My baby sister(double duh!)
-my iPad
-Sarah, Habiba, Amirah, Nissi, Busola(too much love)
-the Skinner’s
-new look
-people who lie to me and think they get away with(I hope you get more creative in 2014)
-Dorothy Perkins
-post it’s
-Twitter (the people plenty o!!!!!)
-Facebook(too many people)
-ugg boots
-people who say “bless you” when I sneeze
-Coldstone Creamery
-my phone
-We Are The Millers( awesomemest movie ever!!!)
-Playboy magazine
-Domino’s Pizza
-UWS Library(we all know a good library is my weakness)
-Netflix( I would be dead without you)
-Subway sandwiches!!!!!!
-One boy’s tongue(blood of God!!!!)
-Amazon(where would I be without you?)
-Courvoisier XO(Lord have mercy)
-Beyoncé’s new album(AWESOME)
-and finally You( yes you).hehehe
-one last thing: LIPGLOSS!!!!!!!!

Have a happy and mind blowing 2014 guys…xx