Marriage is not a chore!

It really isn’t…

Motivation Springs

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, delightful wedding guests and perfect plans can make for a great mix on a woman’s wedding day. You can tell by how she gushes as you congratulate her on her big day, the tear drop that travels down her cheek when the vows are exchanged and the ear-to-ear grin that seems glued to her face.

Fast-forward, a year or two later, she’s sitting with a single friend, discussing relationships and marital bliss and her next words are “Marriage is hard work”. Jeez! The next time I hear that statement, I’ll throw a tantrum! Why do most people make marriage sound like a chore that robs them of the right to enjoy life as they would love to?

At some point, I started to wonder if married people uttered that statement in order to make themselves look ‘busy’ like “hey, we’re both employed at a…

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