I Really ‘Do Not Like’ Valentine’s Day

Motivation Springs

Before you conclude that this is yet another post about how irritating it is that people wear white and red or white and pink or a disturbing combination of all three, please read on; it really isn’t.

It is not a post about how people should show love everyday either and not just on the 14th of February; I’m sure you already know that.

I really ‘do not like’ (in the case, the phrase represents, without any doubt, “Hate”) valentine’s day; it has nothing to do with me just being an aloof person when it comes to relationships; if anything at all, valentine’s day is the reason I became aloof.

It was on valentine’s day that I realized you can be the girlfriend and not get a gift; no scratch that, you’re not expecting a gift and it would have been fine if you didn’t get one. But, it would…

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