Plus or Minus A Quarter Of A Century Later…..

Happy birthday Demi! You have more awesomeness ahead of you…x

Motivation Springs

Yesterday was my birthday! (Yea I accept cyber hugs too so feel free to send as many as possible). As per my yearly tradition, a few days before my birthday, I take some time out to reflect. This inevitably rouses past hurts, pain and on the bright side, amazing times I have had, with friends family and everyone close to me. During these reflections, I reflect on the lessons I have learnt in the past year, past five years…or whatever time frame I can still recollect. Many of these lessons were learnt the hard way and some were learnt under lighthearted circumstances or from the experiences of others. These lessons played a big part in shaping who I am and I feel the need to share some of them

  • The Determination Lesson: I never knew how determined I was until I found myself at an Afrikaans university. Lectures were…

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