50 Reasons I Love You, Maman…

Today is my Mom’s 50th birthday which is kind of a big deal.  And I know I’ve been getting all sentimental and nostalgic on you lately but you’re just gonna have to forgive me because I’m about to do it again.  Big time.  In fact, in celebration of this milestone birthday I jotted down 50 things I love about my Mom…because when you love someone, you should tell them.  So here goes:


1 I love that she’s always made everything a learning opportunity.  From every meal I ever watched her make (“Are you watching what I’m doing?  See how I put the water over the rice?”)…to driving (“If the car in front of us slams on it’s brakes, what should we do?”) and everything in between.

2 I love that anytime I so much as come close to having a freak out moment, I can hear her voice saying “It’s going to be fine”.

3 I love that she’s tough.

4  I love that she’s patient.

5  I love that she’s such a hard worker.

6 I love that she made it such a point to let our family know that she was for us.  We always knew she had our back against anyone.(regardless of what we did)

7 I love that she hated when we went back to school after summer break and stressed how much she enjoyed spending time with us.

8 I love that she trusted us enough to give us a few “enough is enough” days growing up, where we could stay home from school for the day, no questions asked.

9 I love that she’s worked hard to create not just a home, but a safe haven for anyone that needed it.

10 I love her deep sense of protectiveness.  Come after her family and she is the destroyer of worlds.

11 I love that she’s made it so I don’t have to be afraid of getting older.  She’s aged not only beautifully but with grace.(I mean, just look at her)



12 I love her pearls of wisdom… (“You can’t change people…God can, but you can’t…”  “Moisturize your neck, it’ll keep you from aging prematurely…”  “Clean as you go when you’re cooking,dresses are better than jeans…”)

13 I love that I can call her in any state of mind and she’ll bring me back down to earth.

14 I love her singing(annoying) voice.

15 I love that she’s such an amazing cook.

16 I love that she has two breakfasts almost every day(and doesn’t even realise it).

17 I love that she made growing up so fun.

18 I love that she’s an expert “solution finder”.(seriously!she can solve anything)

19 I love that she’s good at everything she tries.

20 I love that she believes in me.


21 I love that she works so hard to help my sister and I achieve our dreams.

22 I love that she raised Phattie and I to protect each other.

23 I love that she’s brave.

24 I love that she can get any stain out of anything.

25 I love that she’s purchased formal, black tie appropriate dresses for me on more than one occasion “just in case something comes up”…

26 I love that she goes so far out of her way to do nice things for people without even being asked.

27 I love that we can have conversations about Toolz and Tiwa Savage like they’re our friends…

28 She taught me a great sense of fashion.


29 She taught me how to dance like no one is watching.

30 She taught the art of walking(it’s a beautiful thing).

31 She is a human GPS device…she knows everywhere in Lagos and the shortcuts.

32 I love that you can be in a competition with her and not even know it.

33 I love that she notices and values things like good posture.

34 I love that she raised us to love God and to trust Him even when things don’t work out like we planned.

35 Her contagious laugh is just awesome!!!


36 Our shared love of Crime and Investigation Channel, CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, etc(you get the theme?)

37 Her passion for life; even if she has a rough day she keeps going.

38 How she taught me to forgive others and not hold a grudge because life is too short.

39 The way she supports me no matter how crazy my ideas are(and God knows they are just insane!)

40 Our shared love of Chinese food.

41 How she does so very much, but never asks for anything in return.

42 She made me feel like anything was possible because she showed me it was everyday.

43 Her strong work ethic, can-do attitude, and how she is always optimist no matter what.

44 She is always available no matter how busy or tired she is.

45 She taught me that it’s okay to laugh at myself and make mistakes.


46 She taught me how to preserve through the toughest of times.

47 Our shared love of Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger


48 Her loyalty, compassion, and encouragement for me to be myself and spread my wings and fly.

49 I love how easy it was to come up with 50 things I love about her and I love that I could write 50 more without an ounce of trouble.


50 Most of all… I love you for who you are and who you’ve helped me become… you’re my role model, my mother and my friend. I love you more than life itself and would do anything for you! You’re the best Mom and deserve so much more than I can give you.  Happy 50th Birthday!

So there you have it…it’s an incomplete list, but an honest one to be sure.  There’s just no one like her in the world and I’m so proud to be her daughter.  Don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday too!