Put A Price Tag on Yourself!

Women and men as well need to know their worth, please enjoy this inspiring piece by an amazing blogger. Don’t forget to drop a comment…x

Motivation Springs


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I had an interesting epiphany while I was out shopping sometime last week. I walked into a shoe store and given my love for shoes, I was soon spoilt for choice. My prudent side kicked in, and I decided price would be the determining factor. Afterall, I didnโ€™t need a new pair of shoes urgently, I just like to have shoes at the ready should a new idea for an outfit pop into my head. I started to look at the prices. Some of them were so expensive, I could literally hear my bank account emptying, others were just OK and some were ridiculously cheap. I observed the more expensive shoes; they had detail, some bling, their soles were strong yet comfortable, the designs were out of this world- unique, different, able to make any pair of legs beautiful. The analogy that popped into myโ€ฆ

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