Is The “Green Light” A Myth???

greenlight 2

Hello beautiful readers of mine. I can not apologize enough for the absence on the blog. You know I don’t like to give excuses, but I think you deserve at least a reason. I was in transit, from uni life in the UK to a job-hunting recessionista in Nigeria. Don’t even ask if the transition has been smooth or not, that is a post for another day. Yesterday I read a post on one of my favourite websites, about the famous green light that guys say girls give them to “go ahead”. That is what I want to talk about today.

green light

In these parts, when a girl gives a guy signs that she likes him, it is called the “green light”, and I have always wondered about these signs because some girls are just miscreants and they like to tease and play mind games when they don’t even fancy the guy. I have a dude in my life somewhere who thinks that I like him because I still pick the phone when he calls and I laugh at his jokes. See, I have already told him that I am not interested in an intimate relationship with him, but he doesn’t see that. All he knows is that if I keep answering his calls that maybe I actually like him, he even said I was deceiving myself. Just Imagine!

green light 3

I don’t exactly know what these signs are and who knows, I might actually be misleading the guy I think or maybe he is just a dunce, I don’t know. What I want from you is to please give me examples of these signs so I can not give them off to guys I don’t like and use it for the ones I like because apparently guys don’t like it easy, they love “the chase”(which I think is a waste of time for both parties) but humour me. What are these signs and how effective are they?

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