This Is The Best Month…

october 2

Happy new month to all my lovely readers and friends and the random interesting people I am yet to meet. You are welcome to the month of fabulousity and awesomeness, I am very excited because it’s my birthday month. And generally October makes me feel all gooey inside I just love it.ย  My birthday is on the 15th, so mark it in your calendars. This month is going to be exciting because you are going to make it so, by doing something crazy at least every week, I’ll be sharing what I do too. Do anything, don’t over think it, just do it! Walk up to an M.D, talk to your parents about something you think they might shut down, chat a girl up, get a guy’s phone number(I do that just for the fun actually, it’s awesome), just do something you normally wouldn’t do. Get out of that comfort zone for October.

breast cancer

Don’t forget it’s breast cancer awareness month, spread the word! Early detection is key, so touch a breast today…you could be saving a life, literarily.

Happy independence day Nigeria…x