#HeSaidSheSaid: How Much Should A Date Cost???


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I have recently become obsessed with the show, According To Him & Her on BET. The hosts of the show ask comedians to talk about matters of the heart and relationships. It’s a very funny show. You should check it out. Anyhoo, one of the posts in my drafts was brought up, so it’s only apt that I finish the piece and share it with y’all.

This was the question asked on the show: does spending $50 on a first date guarantee a guy a second date, a kiss or even the cookie? See, I converted that amount to Naira and it’s #8,265. I had a talk with my friend Lola and we agreed that #10,000 was a better amount to approximate it to(considering the standard of living in these parts).


So this is the question I asked my fantastic friends: Does spending 10,000naira on a first date guarantee a second date, a kiss, or even the whole nine yards? Before I give my royal opinion, check out the funny responses I got.


He says…
@Nosike, Abuja
Depends on the girl really. Just for the record I think a 10k date is expensive. In Abuja for example. But other than that, you could spend less, get full body treatment. Spend more and get nada. Personally though, if I enjoyed her company, regardless of price, there’d be a follow up date.

@Geoffrey, Abuja
I think it depends on the girl. Some girls you spend more on than others.
@Frank, Abuja
To me it doesn’t matter. Although I wouldn’t spend so much on a girl I don’t see prospects. Movies, paint balling & pizza= 10k. Not so much is it?

@Onochie, Lagos
I’d group it by age and class. For people like Doctor’s(Amyn’s step-dad) age and economic status, it’s okay. He’d probably get a kiss and defo a follow up date. For people in Uni who their major source of income is their parents, it’s outrageous. And for extremely rich kids with politician parents, it’s also not too much money to them. It also takes on the caliber of girl they take out. If she is in their class, nothing might happen. But if it’s a girl that doesn’t get things like that often, she’s gonna develop a soft spot. For someone like me, it’s too much to spend and if I spend that much and I don’t get a happy ending, may Obatala strike the girl.

@Kingsley, Lagos
Spending 1trillion on a first date or any other date for that matter does NOT guarantee anything, and more so, does NOT make the lady indebted to the guy/ fella/ dude/ man to the point that he feels justified to demand anything from the lady. A lady is always in control every step of the way and dictates what the fellow gets or doesn’t get. Thank you very much!


@Peter, Abuja
Lol! I don’t know tbh. I don’t think it matters what you spend or don’t spend.

@Mahmud, Lagos
It definitely doesn’t guarantee another date, unless of course the dude has “other” plans with the dude. If it’s about true affection , money doesn’t guarantee shit. It’s all about emotions, chemistry, vibe, etc for a kiss or full body treatment to happen. But people are different, some girls will kiss a guy just so he won’t feel bad.

@Kabir, Ondo
I don’t think there are any rules to it. If the guy/ girl decides to put in that “kinda” effort, then the other person should at least try to be nice.

@Bob, Lagos
It doesn’t guarantee anything. Nowadays do people spend that much? If you are sharp you don’t need to.


She says…

@Ore, Lagos
Doesn’t matter. Might not even spend a dime.

@Sarah, Abuja
Doesn’t guarantee shit! It’s all about attitude and connection.

@Funke, InTheAbroad
Omo Bawa-Allah, I don’t think it should matter. It isn’t how much you spend that is going to determine anything.

@Lola, Kano
Don’t think how much you spend determines the follow up. It’s the ambience.

@Didi, Abuja
Lol! Depending on the location. Lagos and Abuja might get you full body treatment or a second date depending on the ambience. Akwa Ibom on the other hand, less than 10k and you are guaranteed full body+extra body treatment.

@Ezinne, Lagos
I’m lost. Is it me doing the spending? Or him? Because if it him then 10k is okay. Point is, what are we eating anyway?


@Nike, Lagos
It really doesn’t guarantee anything. The fact that I agreed to the date is a risk on its on so if you are nice enough, then maybe…

@Titi, Lagos
Yes nau, it depends on your taste.

@Lola, Lagos
If his personality is great and we have good conversations and by him spending he doesn’t expect some body contact at the end of the day, there will be a second date.
@Kachi, Abuja
A 10k date is not expensive Nosike. And I don’t think spending 10k on a girl gives you an automatic pass to lay with her. Spend the money out of the goodness of your heart, not because you expect more. After all, some people spend way more than that and don’t even get a hug.


Personally, before I leave my house for that date, I have already made up my mind if you are going to get it or not(if you like carry me to Churrasco or Amala Shitta). The only way my decision can be changed is if you fall completely below the UN standard of dating and that means you need to talk to the Lord Jesus!

Please let me what you think. Should the money go higher? Does it even matter? Share your views… X