See You Soon Scotland…

I’m really going to miss Scotland… Dunure When I started this post,  I was at Glasgow airport. Leaving Scotland for a while. Yeah, I mean that. Just a little while. This year, I learnt the true meaning of home is where the heart is. I came to this beautiful country in September 2013, scared shitless. I didn’t know how I was going to survive in the cold without any family or friends, I thought it was going to be worse than the beginning of my NYSC year.

But Scotland had something big in store for the Lipglossmaffia…

It wasn’t my first time leaving home to settle far away, but this was another continent! (Even I was daunted) But the warmth of the Scottish people melted the cold and enveloped me. I made a lot of friends, my gosh! I thought Lagosians were the original party animals, for where?!? The Scottish are real animals.

Last Christmas was really special because I finally got to enjoy my first White Christmas(pun intended). My friend, Rebecca invited to spend the holiday at her house, it was so amazing, thank you so much to The Skinners (their surname is so cool, doesn’t it sound like a band?) image  The learning experience was out of this world. I would recommend UWS to any Nigerian/African/Anyone who wants to have a real learning experience. When I got here, I noticed all my colleagues were experienced and knew exactly what they wanted. I was the only one just out of the first degree level. No one made me feel that way though, in fact my tutors found a way to bring out skills I didn’t even know I had, and with time I started to feel smart, like really intelligent. The lecturers in this school are supernatural (I’m not even kidding!) I used to send emails about my problems in class at 2am and I got replies at 2:15am!!! It was insane! I remember our contemporary art field trip that ended at a pub, our lecturer bought drinks! I mean, seriously they were super cool!image There is a lot, but I’m going to try to outline what I would miss most about this beautiful country…

You… You made my stay in Scotland super awesome. 2014 would have been boring without you. I thank God for the Internet because I want you permanently in my life. Somewhere. Lurking. *smiles* They wouldn’t know what hit them! I miss you so much everyday. Stay awesome!!!


The food… Oh God! The food was just….sigh. We all know how much I love food from all over the world, and Glasgow and Edinburgh are a foodie’s paradise. I have become a first class buffet connoisseur. I even forgot to mention the alcohol. I tasted so many types, gosh I love this country!  Haggis! I will miss you so much! BTW, there aren’t enough love songs about Jaffa cakes.    image

My friends…where do I even begin? I’m going to miss you guys so much! This is where the Internet comes in handy, because somehow, I’ll always have you guys with me. Thank you for sharing your cultures and lives with me! It was so amazing and interesting. I loved every moment spent with you. I’m not even going to name anyone, because the list is just too long! Till we meet again…x Cheers!

Smiling at random people… Weird, I know. But people smile at you. It kind of brightens your day. It lifts your mood. I can’t count the amount of smiles I got to give and receive. It was awesome!

The guys… As an amateur relationship expert(I use the term expert loosely here), I have to say the males in this part of the world are awesome!(number two on my list would be the Germans, but that’s for another post). Before I left Nigeria, I had read and heard stories about how white guys always split the bill when on dates, expected sex all the time, you could take advantage of them, were crazy and all that crap. I blame all of these stereotypes on television. The guys I met and saw were nothing like that. But there are good eggs and bad eggs, I think we were shown only the bad eggs, just like they say black guys all have big penises, I know for a fact that, it is a big lie but I digress. Women of the world, if you think chivalry is dead, come to Scotland! If people thought I was picky before, they haven’t seen anything yet. The bar has been raised higher people!!! Now I know how it feels to be treated like a princess and I’m not going back! Nope!!! It feels great here. You should read this really interesting article I saw about 24 Reasons to Fall in Love with a Scottish Person.

Walking… Everyone knows how much I love to walk. I’m going to miss walking along the streets. I’ll miss the people, the sights, the little places you could discover. Walking here is therapy. I’m going to miss that. Why can’t I keep walking in Lagos? Well, I don’t want to be crushed to death by a bike man, that’s why.

Old couples holding hands… Y’all know how obsessed I am with old people, yes? I can’t get tired of this. I loved watching old people taking a walk, jogging, shopping. It is just the cutest thing on earth. It sort of gives you hope. If I remained in Scotland, I might actually wanted to get married just because I want to take a walk with my boo at 70. Luckily, I’m back in Nigeria, so that bug will take a loooonnnggg time getting to me. I will miss you Scotland. Keep my heart safe. See you soon…x     image

In other unrelated news: I have planned to do so many things on this blog, but it never happens, because the universe just doesn’t understand me(maybe). We have a few days before 2015. I’m not feeling very christmasy and I think it is strange. So I’m going to activate the #TipsyChristmas program to get me in shape. Anything I post on this blog after this, sigh… So help me God. I’m also going to stop talking about plans, I have learnt, the best thing is to just do it!

See you later people… Brace yourselves…x