My 2014: Creative Insanity, Love, Tequila flavoured beer & Multiple O’s…

I had the best year. I don’t even know where to begin…

This year has been the most amazing year of my life yet! I have been involved in so many adventures it surprised me. I have found out more interesting facts about myself (like; I love Lemon Marmalade, a black bra takes my ego through the roof, etc, full list is a post for the new year). I have made new friends. Relationships with old friends were strengthened. I dumped a lot of unnecessary people. I have grown(seriously, I’m now 53kg{at the time the post was published}). I still don’t like to be called woman though, I’ll stick with the ‘lady’ bit.

This year I received a masters degree in Creative Media Practice. It’s a fancy name, I know. Most people (in Nigeria, only here o!) asked, what would you do with that? That’s the beauty of the program. I can do whatever I want! I have been equipped to adapt to any situation in the industry. Like the principal said at my graduation, “we have given you everything, the ball is now in your court.” On my birthday, I finally had the dream, that dream that every twenty-something year old is supposed to have about their life, I have had it. In that dream, I saw a project that would combine all the talents of people I know, create space for people I haven’t met and it was beautiful. But it will take a little while before it kicks, the good thing is I’m a very patient person. The weird thing about the dream was that, I wasn’t a talk show host like I had always imagined, but I had my purple couch, and I was happy. I will get there eventually. Now I’m just so excited for all the experience I get to gather along the way, God knows I would need them all.

I wrote a lot this year, I have a collection of unpublished short stories that I’m still cuddling, not ready to share them yet. Why? I always publish erotica because it’s very easy to write and share, but my other works of fiction scare me. I will probably find the courage to publish one in 2015(fingers crossed). My mum believes I’m going to end up a crazy writer living in the countryside somewhere in Poland. I don’t think so, lol! Writing is my therapy, that’s why I’m anger-proof, when someone is trying to piss me off, all I see is the potential for an amazing character. Enough about the mushy stuff, I’ll start small with flash fiction. We’ll see how it goes.

Have you every had tequila flavoured beer, it’s the second best feeling in the world, the first is multiple orgasms. And I enjoyed the best two feelings a lot this year.(hehehe) It hurts me that a lot of females still don’t get to experience this phenomenon, I hope to keep researching(googling) and helping to find ways to remedy that because honestly, it a big problem. Watch out for my tips and guides in the new year. I’m so excited about those.

Asides that, my life is pretty amazing right now, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and all of us. It’s going to be so exciting! In classic Lipglossmaffia *insert “superstitious and crazy” here* style, I’m going to list the things/people/whatever-it-is that made 2014 an exciting year for me:

*My mum
*My sister
*Sarah, Habiba, Amirah, Nissi, Ada, Weng, Ore, Lola, Funke, Ezinne, Karachi (I didn’t get to see you girls as much as I would have liked but technology has made for some very interesting connections)
*Wil (Partner in crime😎😎😎)
*Zivile, Rebecca, Toria, Robyn, Rachael, May, (I’m hugging you right now)
*Paul (you are AWESOME!!!!)
*Desperados & Amigos (tequila flavoured beer)
*Ann Summers & Bondara(wink wink)
*My i2Sabi clan (Lola, Kachi, Didi, Nosike, Geoffrey, Frankie- you are awesomeness!!!)
*Sales/Discounts everywhere
*Charity shops( it’s like killing two birds with one stone- find a treasure, donate to a cause, cool huhn?)
*Prescription sunglasses
*Coffee(esp the iced caramel macchiato/oh my God, it’s moan worthy)
*Emirates & KLM
*Boyfriend jeans(you saved my wardrobe this year, buckle up for 2015!!!)
*Facial Wipes
*Smoov (la casera’s new chapman drink, it’s to die for!!!)
*Jaffa cakes
*My faithful puma sneakers (you are my pride and joy)
*Coldstone’s Lotta Caramel Latte milkshake
*Cardigans & Sweaters(my new must have)
*Olaiya Amala
*My Sony Ericsson x10(I think we have reached the end of the line, I will miss you so much!)
*Coconut oil
*The power of Networking (this is not a book, it’s the power of Networking!)
*Ed Sheeran(I am so in love with you)
*All Google products
*Guys who still stick to the classics(seriously, I should get a tshirt that read “All guys are not the same”)
*And finally you(yes you!)
*One last thing: Lipgloss!!!!!!

I want to get a proper friend with benefits this 2015. So if you would like to be one, please watch out for my post next Monday to see requirements, benefits and all that stuff. (Hehehe) I want to thank you for reading my blogs, it’s been a fabulous journey, I hope we go on another adventurous ride in 2015. Wishing you all an awesome new year ahead! I love y’all…x