Product Review: A Valentine Special

Valentine isn’t my most favourite time of the year. You might think it’s because I’m single. Nope. Far from it, my personal people know that I’m a sucker for romance. I just hate the fact that there is only one day dedicated to it. And I feel it kinda jinxes things, so usually I stay away from all love celebrations on this day. I was watching some adult educational videos(wink) and i felt like giving back to the society. So, this year I have something to share with single girls out there Not just single girls sef, even girls in relationship can enjoy this.


Actually there is one toy that I think, suits this season. When I was in the abroad, I got an offer to write reviews for toys from an adult online store in the U.K. Trust me to jump on that plane. And I wrote the best reviews I could write at the time. This is one of them. A Nigerian adult store stocks it and i want to sell their market because i like their twitter page.(and hopefully they would send me toys so i can review and they would put it on their website)  I have tweaked it a little bit more since I wrote this one but I want to share this review with you so you can find it and enjoy with some red wine.

Here goes…..

At long last! It finally got me after so many weeks!


The type of batteries required to power this bad boy had expertly evaded my knowledge until the great god of YouTube happened to enlighten me. I finally got to try out the Mounty Super Strong Suction Cup Clitoral Vibrator. The name itself is a bit of a mouthful and reminds me somewhat of an Enid Blyton villain, though it does not happen to lend itself well to the traditional two-face modus operandi: a secret identity.

The screaming bright pink colour tells me that it would not be too difficult to pick out in a line-up, but thankfully the only crime it seems to be guilty of is a slightly horrible dress sense. That, however, does not stop it from being fun. In terms of personal taste, the MSSSCCV is a bit tacky and could probably do with a face lift. But, that’s a petty observation seeing as when I’m using it I’m not particularly focused on whether or not it will co-ordinate with this season’s shoes.

The clitoral stimulator component of the vibe when inserted is referred to as a butterfly stimulator(you need to know these terms). There is a main central component to the clitoral stimulator and two ‘wings’ on either side, allowing for the vibrations to spread through the labia. Additional features include a suction cup allowing for hands-free use.(which is awesome!)


If it rings your bell, you can literally take it anywhere. You don’t even have to take a break to shower, due to the toy being fully waterproofed(TOTALLY waterproof!) As a single girl, this would have been my equivalent to the Hollywood kiss in the rain, even if cosmetically speaking it’s more Chucky than Edward Cullen. Seriously, anyone that regards the veins on the shaft as being realistic (as the copy writing for the toy so proudly claims) should tell your penis endowed partner to slow down on the steroids, though texture-wise this feels pretty good.

The rubber itself is skin-friendly. I adamantly recommend the use of a water-based lube, as from personal experience, soft material toys tend produce slightly more friction than alternative material counterparts when in use. However, in comparison with a lot real feel toys, the surface is smoother and it is what I’d consider to be… wait for it… more vaginally ergonomic(I love this!). I think the neon attire makes it appear larger than life to begin with. However, it’s around the same size as an average endowment length and girth-wise and I personally managed to accommodate.
IMG_7910 (1)
The motor itself is easily switched on with a twist at the base. This operates a single speed motor, which is located about three quarters of a way up the shaft. The most intense point for stimulation would therefore stop internally, so with the right angling this is fun to play with for those who like G-spot stimulation. However, the vibration is strong enough to spread all the way through the toy without “dead zones”. One slight improvement could be a larger butterfly part. It is intended as a clitoral stimulator after all and it would be nice for it to be within ease of reach.

The single speed motor itself is pretty strong and so it doesn’t let me down, but if I were to play with it for a longer period, I can’t help but be concerned that I would habituate to the sensation. But, creativity is the only limit and I suppose the motor can be placed closer to the clitoris, forgoing penetration for more intense vibration if preferred. That’s how I take my coffee anyway, and consequently how I earned my orgasm. He He He

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So, if you would like to order for this toy or look at more options, please call Intimate Pleasures on  0818 480 8686.

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