What Occupation Makes The Best Lovers…?


I just thought of the craziest thing. Have you ever wondered what profession would make a person the most passionate lover? No? Well, I have been thinking about it a lot. I don’t know why. I just know I have. And I have compiled a list(we all know how I love lists) to explain what profession I think would produce passionate lovers. And for something extra,  found a survey (a real one) to prove that other people have thought about this. A REDBOOK survey of 400 married women revealed that their husbands’ chosen professions have a lot of bearing on their lovemaking patterns. So, this means it’s obviously legit!

These are the professions that I think would make amazing lovers…

A Musician: Not a random musician, I mean someone who can play a musical instrument. I just feel someone who uses his hands to create melody would know exactly how to touch my body to make me… well, sing beautifully. And when I think of the instruments, my mind goes to a guitar, a saxophone, a piano. A drummer might have too much gra gra, which in itself isn’t a bad thing but i’m now in my late twenties(I never get tired of saying that), I don’t need a noisemaker in my life.
TRIVIA: 100% engage in foreplay (though 13% of their wives say it “seems like an eternity”).

A Pilot: There is something about a man who can handle such a big vehicle. It’s not like there are roads or  overhead signs for him to follow okay, this translates to me as a man who is very proactive in lovemaking. He knows how to read the body really well and can see where the pleasure spots are, without being told. This might not be true in reality but please let me dream. TRIVIA: Apparently, out of the 400 women, there was no pilot wife. So, sorry.

An Architect/Engineer: Okay, this is obviously self explanatory. These guys are all about the process. He takes the time to survey the site, and create a mental picture and he starts to draw. We all know how meticulous they can be. Now, put all of that on my body. Omg!!! The thought is making very aroused. This is the guy who would take the time to ask about things I like and he would also deduce what extra thing I might be into, from the time we have spent together. He is a keeper, this one. TRIVIA: Highly likely to make sure their wives are satisfied (71%).

Writer: I’m very skeptical about dating a writer too but I understand the writing process and I have to tell you, anyone who writes passionately, loves passionately. A writer would give his all to please a partner. Let me give you this story: I was working on a collection of short stories about rape. As a person who also writes erotica, it took a lot out of me to write a rape scene that conveyed pain and betrayal. And when I was done, I felt like the person who had been raped and all I wanted to do was to unleash myself on a lover till I couldn’t visualize the rape scene anymore. Imagine dating someone like that. TRIVIA: 74% are either good or “the best of the best” at oral sex.  

Photographer: Okay, the only reason I want to date a photographer is very straight to the point. I want someone who would take perfect nudes of me. The end. TRIVIA? No trivia, no one marries a photographer. (Just kidding)

And from friends…

@Ndiidi : Engineer, because brains and brawn. Brawn, he can carry you and flip you to whatever position yáll like… Brains because he will calculate the right amount of pressure/pleasure he can use to get you off.

@ThatNosike : Best lover… Sculptor Handsssssss

@DeJeffo : Professional masseuse// Good with hands.

What is it with guys and hands? You know what? Don’t answer that.

So, what profession do you think would churn out a perfect lover? Indulge me.