The Best Book Club On Earth Belongs To Me…

I want to start my own book club. I think, people who read share a kindred spirit. But people who read the same genre of literature have something stronger. I want to share with you how I envision my own fantasy book club. Let me start by saying that, I am not scared of anyone stealing my fantasy book club idea because you need to have a certain level of Amyn-ness to execute it to near perfection. But… If anyone tries to recreate this fantasy of mine before me, please call me okay? We should have drinks.

Okay, this is the plan…

Location: I want it to be a soundproof room, under a club that is owned by a member of the book club, like one of those gambling leagues. If I can’t get underground, I’d settle for the back of the club. I just want members of my club to dress up and look like they are going to do something really bad or mean or naughty. And on the plus side, I need us to have ALL access to any type of alcohol. Duh!

Time: Now that I have set the scene. Imagine this. You get to the club(book club) at 7pm and we handle our business till half ten. That’s when people are starting to come to the dance club and they see us coming out looking like the illuminati  in our Buhari inspired glasses. I mean. This  is gold. It would make people wonder and wish they could be a part of the sect, inside the club.

Membership: Obviously it’s going to be a very exclusive club. The Lagos Boat Club has nothing on our entry requirements. NOTHING. For instance:

*You have to be in control of your life. (This isn’t a therapy group session honey)

*You need to be a person who enjoys creative ways of bonding with people.

*Most importantly, you have to be in touch with your inner Maffia(if I need to explain that to you consider yourself mentally disqualified from applying to my club)

*You kinda have to be a drinker. A connoisseur of alcohol.(for instance, you should know what type of liquor goes with a genre)

*Must be willing to experiment with recreational drugs(science has proven that it enhances the reading experience*wink wink*)

If I remember anymore requirements, I’ll let you know but I think that covers the basics.

Books: The reason for the group. In our club, we will a shit ton of books that we will keep updating. I know how hard it is to part with a book but for charity’s sake we will donate books to schools and orphanages. Anonymously of course. We are too cool for cheap publicity.


Meanwhile, in the absence of that kickass club, here are the fiction novels I’ll be reading this month. I have to differentiate because usually I’m reading 7-8 books at a time. Crazy? No. We all have our superpowers. I found mine early.

April Reading List.

1- 8th Confession ~ James Patterson(currently reading)


2- First Thrills ~ Lee Child


3- Sanctus ~ Simon Toyne


4- Birthdays For The Dead ~ Stuart MacBride


So, would you like to be a member of my club? Why? If you are reading any novel at the moment, please share with me, I want to know what you guys are into.

I hope you have a fantastic April ahead…x