#FoodTime: Local Vegetable Sauce…

Hi guys!!!!

I’m so excited about this post you have no idea! So, as a card holding member of the foodie club, I decided to go through Nigerian Food Pinterest and I saw some interesting pictures. When I clicked on my best food, what I saw shocked me. Nigerian food bloggers need to take a chill pill. What’s with all the “exotic” ingredients? What do they mean by habanero? Am I supposed to go to Sabo market and ask for that? And they need to be clear on the readers they are teaching, because right now it seems obvious to me that, it is people in the abroad they are cooking for.

I decided to challenge myself. A recipe of my favourite meal. Complete with pictures and preparations! I hope you enjoy this tasty dish that gives me my daily glow.


Today, we are making BOILED YAM & STEW. Yes, that’s my favourite (well, one of) meals. Here is my recipe:


Yam (obviously)

Sugar (yes, I put sugar in my yam)





Pepper (ata rodo)

Fish (panla)

Palm oil






Vegetable (ugwu)

*If you notice, I didn’t put any measurements. Reason? Well, you should be able to use your own discretion for that, I mean, we’re Africans, okay? My grandma and mother never used any measurements but the quality was always right for everybody. So, go figure.


Boiled Yam:

1- Cut the required amount of yam you would need, and into your desired shapes. I prefer semicircles. Because I’m cool.

 2- Put the yam into a pot, pour some water, add the sugar and salt. Then put on fire to boil, this should take like 15mins depending on our thick you cut the yam. I’d advise you to just keep using a fork to stab it until you think it’s soft enough for you to swallow.


3- When the yam is soft, drain the water and serve in a plate. Most times, I just eat in the pot. Because… No time.



1-There are two ways to make the stew, you can chop your ingredients or you can blend them. Today I feel like blending. But I’d use a manual blender so it’s not too smooth. You still want to feel that roughness.


2- So, blend your onion, pepper, garlic and ginger. Pour some palm oil in the pan, let it heat up, then your pour the paste and let it fry!!!!

3- When it’s properly fried, add some salt, and put the fish, then turn, turn, turn.


 4- Again, I’m not going to give measurements or time because you are not blind and you have taste buds. After turning the fish in the fried paste, put the chopped ugwu and onions in and turn for about 25 seconds.


And you’re done. Now you can serve and voila!


Hopefully, you can recreate this meal and enjoy the goodness of the Lord in your life. Do you like boiled yam? How do you like yours? Let’s trade recipes!

P.S I didn’t add maggi because I like the stew for my yam to be as local as possible, the garlic and ginger is enough for me.

Maybe next time, I’ll show you how to make asun. Just maybe. If you’re nice.