The Proposal Of My Dreams…

Yes, I am talking about a marriage proposal. He he he.

For you detectives out there, no this is not a sign. I am not getting married. Yet. But I have been bamboozled with people’s stories of marriage proposals, some are nice and romantic, some are loud and some are just outrageous. Seriously, have you read through BellaNaija Weddings, it’s a war zone people. It’s serious business, I mean, the amount of time, money and energy that goes into planning a proposal and a wedding is incredible. Maybe it’s the recessionista in me but I don’t get it. If people put that same amount of thought and creativity into the actual marriage, I think we would have less divorces. But what do I know right?

Someone on twitter was doing a research and he wanted people to write about how they imagined a proposal would go. Since 140 charcters wouldn’t do me justice, I decided to drop it like it’s hot on my blog.(Holy shit, I just rhymed!!!)

For starters, the person I will be dating at the time would already know me and all my quirks. Mentally, we have already signed a contract. Now, I’m a very, very, very private person. I don’t like noise and this is something my beloved already knows.

This is how I picture my proposal: It’s a weekend and I slept over at his place because he just illegally obtained the new season of our favourite series, so we are having a movie marathon night. In the morning, over our bowls of cereal, he says, “Oi, let’s try this marriage thing. It could be fun” then, I’ll reply, “sure”. In the evening, while we are watching Crimes of Passion on Crime & Investigation Channel, he’d bring out a ring. It would be a black diamond set in dark grey platinum, he will say, “I got you a ring”, and I will be so excited, then we’ll have sex while some whackjob chops off her husband’s gay lover’s penis on the telly. Poetic right!

That’s how I see my proposal happening. And no, I’m not going to post it on the Gram. Those who would see it, will see it. Now, for the wedding. I don’t see myself spending a lot of money on my wedding, I’ll tell you where the bulk of the money would go in a bit. The wedding is going to be very small, it will be at the registry, two witnesses from me, two witnesses from him, that’s it. No drama. We will have a soiree the weekend after,  just for our closest friends and family. Good food. Good wine. Great music. Baam! The honeymoon. Yup, that’s the big money gulper. I’m dreaming of a six-week honeymoon. We will travel to different countries, eat different food, meet lots of interesting people together. It will be the beginning of a life time adventure. So much fun.


That’s the end of my fantasy. How do you imagine your proposal? Do you want it to be big and fancy. Small and intimate? Let’s have it…x