We All Have That Guilty Pleasure…


More specifically, I’m talking about items you can’t stop buying regardless of how many you already own…

Have you ever walked into a store of your favourite things and wished you could buy everything but you end up buying just one because no matter the statement of your account, if you don’t buy this item you will literarily die. For real…

W all have that guilty pleasure that helps us enjoy the world a little bit more. Most women cannot do without shoes, handbags, belts, jewellery. We don’t even need to wear them, the mere fact that you own them is enough to make you feel you can achieve great things. It doesn’t matter if NEPA hasn’t brought light since last month, you have the latest Hermes scarf. #FuckIt.  I think most guys love gadgets and would spend heaven and earth just to be with the latest toys.I think.

When you buy it with your money, you feelfeel extra fulfilled. It’s like you have finally made it in the adult world. I wouldn’t call these items guilty pleasures though, the only thing that gives me a guilty mind is seeing my balance at the ATM. These are also things that make it easier for people to get you the right gift. The problem is you can’t just say that it is what you want to their face or you risk being called the dreaded word, “materialistic”. But you know what? I don’t even care anymore, I am tired of rubbish gifts, I want to help you, my friends, to always buy me the right gift.
Here is a list of my guilty pleasures…



I’m obsessed with sexy underwear! I love the colours. The fabric. The way they cup my breasts and hug my butt. It’s an incredible feeling. The downside? The ones I really like are always pricey. I remember starving myself for a month because I wanted just one  set of Agent Provocateur. I have to say, it’s worth every painful hungry moment. When I wore it, I felt like the most powerful woman on earth. Like I could tackle world peace. It’s like I could see myself married to Tom Hiddleston. I felt like I could survive the zombie apocalypse because my underwear was gorgeous. Yes, it’s my version of wearing a cape.



My mother passed this on to me. On my 21st birthday she gave me a Chanel No5 and my world has never been the same. By the way, I still have it. This is not the type of perfume you just splash yourself with. It’s for really special occasions. I have since developed a unique way of  using perfumes. I think perfumes have different purposes, sometimes you want to flirt not seduce. Other times you want to feel powerful. And no, one perfume cannot serve all these feelings. Let’s not talk much about how many I own, don’t judge okay. Most of them were gifts. My favourite one at the moment is Roberto Cavalli. It’s perfect for a recessionista like me, with just #1000naira in my wallet and a little dash of  Cavalli, my self esteem will rival Oprah’s. No joke.



He He He. I’m sure you must have seen this coming from a thousand miles. Yes, I do like my wine, but my palate has a favourite. Port wine. This is the drink of gods and it goes with almost everything; books, pizza, steak, sex, lunch with the girls. It is the ultimate best friend and I can’t afford to skimp on it. I drank bad cheap port one time, that was when I knew depression had a taste. Worst day of my life.




See, my life would be nothing without books. I would be  so dull and stupid if  I didn’t have books in my life. I know it’s an addiction but I can’t even help myself. My idea of a perfect date would end at a bookshop. We need bookshops that have cafes so I can just lounge and read. I’m the worst person to take to a bookshop, I would not leave! And God bless you if you offer to buy me books, I will forever love you. Books are …EVERYTHING!

In a nutshell, my idea of luxury is sitting in a home library, smelling nice, drinking Port in my underwear. That. Is. The. Life. (I’m a simple gal, what can I say?)

FYI, this post is a ploy to make it easy for me to buy gifts for y’all, so please drop a comment. What is your guilty pleasure? What makes you weak in the knees after you purchase it? What would you buy no matter how many you already owned? Share your pleasures with me…