Tampons Are Too Expensive…


Introducing my new column… “Musings of the Maffia”

Sometimes,Twitter can’t give me enough space and my Facebook… Well, Facebook isn’t ready. Sometimes I may use uncensored language and if you come to my blog to “come and form” offensive then you obviously have a problem.

I even created my own column photo. No, I don’t do graphics, I just have really nice apps. The reason for this column is my busts of insanity(those random moments when my brain just switches) and I want to immortalize it. The feeling/thought. You might not understand it yet but with time, trust me, you’d be obsessed with it.

Today, I want ask a question. Do the people who make sanitary pads and tampons realize that women do this every month and they wouldn’t go out of business(except they’re shit), if they just reduce the price of these things just a bit. I mean, how will I be buying a box of tampons for 2100 naira? I mean, it’s ridiculous and don’t even get me started on the pain medications. Uuuurgh…

Moments like this I wish I had a penis. What does a penis even need?