#AmynsWeeklyPostBlogChallenge: What Is Your Earliest Memory?

What Is Your Earliest Memory?


I think I was 4 or 5 and I tried to hang myself. Just wait for the back story before you scream. As a child, I was obsessed with Zorro(now that you know my childhood hero, I have to go change all my online bank details). I loved his horse, the black costume, the way he spoke. I just loved everything. One episode triggered this hanging stunt of mine, the bar maid(who Zorro loved) was about to be hung for treason, I think but, she was innocent. Just as the executioner kicked the stool she was standing on, Zorro appeared from no where, on his big black horse and rescued her, so in my little naive mind, I thought if I did the same, I would finally meet Zorro. Genius, right?

So, I went to the back of our house, we had lots of trees, found some rope, got a stool and tied something very stupid(of course) and kicked the stool. I still remember the tightness of the rope. Gosh! Good thing my father was closer than Zorro, he was returning from the mosque and the sight of his only child(at the time) made him gallop to my rescue. He he. My mom beat the hell out of me that day. And that was one out of the many stunts I pulled but this was the earliest memory I have of my childhood/life.

What was your earliest memory? Can you even remember any? Dig deep, ask your parents, start up a conversation with your siblings. Have fun on this one in the real world, because I have noticed you guys are shying away from comments and that’s okay, as long as you talk about what you read here with people in your life. then I’m happy.

P.S I hope you guys enjoy this series, it’s more of me documenting my life and thoughts in an interview style. It would be a lot of fun, I saw the questions I got online, to use as a guide and it will make for some interesting reading. This isn’t going to stop my regular full length posts or the other series that I have started on the blog, e.g Musings Of The Maffia.
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