My Boyfriend Wants Me To Fight For Him…



ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

Some people in this world seem to think I’m a person who has relatively useful advice to give. I have no idea what gave them such insane thoughts but I’m here for the people(I actually wrote that with a straight face). I enjoy listening to people and reading from them, it’s a fascinating way to learn how they think. This scenario is from a loyal reader of this blog (which means she is totally bonkers and awesome).

So, in this special episode of What Would Amyn Do, I thought it would be nice to share this one after obtaining permission. Laila(not her real name) is South African and she is such a beautiful lady. I’m very jealous of her breasts, so perky and smooth but I digress… Here is the situation: You’re dating a guy and you know he is dating someone (who also knows about you)but he swears he loves you. You really love him and you want him to be with just you, what would do to make him choose you? 

By now, you should have figured out, that I know Laila, so I have seen pictures of the other girl and the guy. Laila wanted to know what I’d do in a situation like this. I’m just going to repeat what I said to her.

I have come to the realization that my mind is a weird place and my decisions, most times, shock people. So, for proper advice, I’d say, ask someone who’s seemingly normal enough for you. With all that out of the way, if I ever found myself in a situation like that, I’d leave the guy. No ultimatum, no space to plead, I’d just leave. I feel that, for a guy to pit two women against each other to gain his attention is petty and selfish. See, I don’t like competitive sports, it just takes the fun out of enjoying the game(but that’s just me).

A grown man knows what he wants. He is either interested or  not. I don’t fight for attention. If the guy I’m dating doesn’t see the value  and stick around, then he can fuck off. This life is too short to stay with someone who doesn’t feel you’re worthy of their love. This applies to girls too, if a male friend of mine had to compete with another guy, I would gut that girl, but I get how guys are, they love the hunt, the competition the accomplishment but I still feel it’s selfish and petty. And I would not subscribe that.

But what do I know? They say, you never know what you’d do until you experience it for yourself(which I think is bullshit), What would you do?