#AmynsWeeklyBlogPostChallenge: Favourite Websites & Blogs

Yaaay! This is a fun one.

I have so many websites bookmarked on my system but these would be the top shelf.


Demi’s Weekly Blog

She is my dear friend, I’m so proud of her and what she has accomplished. This blog is a very serious, but fun blog. She is a motivational speaker and a very opinionated lady, so can be sure you are going to get a dose of the good and awesome. Please check out her blog and subscribe!


The Naked Convos

I’m in love with this website. Different people from all walks of life get to post articles here. So it’s community of amazing minds. They even have a book out! I have written a few articles for them so, you need to check it out too!


Elnathan’s Dark Corner

Elnathan is a very interesting character. I read his posts and I just want to get into his head and straddle his brain. And lick his head. Everyone knows, i like my baldies:-) If I ever decide to write fan fiction erotica, he’d be one of the characters. Yup, I  think he is awesome. And his posts too!


Tara’s Space

Tara is a very interesting character, asides being my friend, she is a jolly girl. Her blog has so much potential, it’s one to watch! Check out her for for indie content and her narrative fictional pieces. Fabulous.


Pick The Brain

I always check PickTheBrain, there are so many motivational articles there. I need all the motivation I can get to keep me from killing myself. Just kidding. Not.



  1. Buzz Feed: I’m stuck on this Youtube Page, it is so hilariously funny. Anyone who hasn’t seen a Buzzfeed video needs to do it IMMEDIATELY!!! I’m serious. I can’t explain why you need to, when you see one, you’d understand. 
  2. The Ngee Show: This is my best Nigerian YouTube personality. I just love her realness and originality. You need to subscribe to The Ngee Show asap. 
  3. PostModern Jukebox: I keep saying I am born in the wrong era. I wish i was born in the sixties. I love the fashion, the food and the music, oh, the music.These musicians are kindred spirits, they sample modern songs and give it the vintage feel. I have two of their albums already. Fantastic.
  4. Jimmy Kimmel Live: This one of my favourite night shows. Jimmy Kimmel is so funny. And i love how the show is formatted. And the little skits by the side are GENIUS!!!! 
  5. Kemi Adetiba (New) I’m a huge fan of Kemi Adetiba, so when she decided she was going to do her own cooking show, i was like, Yeeaaahhhh! 

Here are three fun sites you should all subscribe to, for reasons you already know!

Lipglossmaffia’s Blog 

Hehehe… Do I have to explain why this is on the list?

imagePurple And Posh

This is my erotica blog. I am very proud of its growth.

imageJobless People: This is the best thing on the internet right now. You need to key into it now!