The Dark Side Just Got Sexier…

Hi guys,

Today, I want to talk about my  #LipglossmaffiaAfterDark series. It’s an open and honest chat on my BBM Channel.


Let’s do this interview style, shall we? Okay…

QUESTION: Why did you create the Lipglossmaffia Inc BBM channel?

The channel was created as an extension of my blogs; Lipglossmaffia and PurpleAndPosh. I wanted to get closer my BBM readers and offer better access to the blog. With the Facebook audience steadily growing, I felt it would be great to also share the Lipglossmaffia personality with IM users and Blackberry is the option I could think of.

QUESTION: What is the channel about?

The channel is as good as the subscribers and I have the most amazing human beings on the channel. It’s a space for me to let my alter egos run wild and free(they are many). I would share things that I find funny, interesting, enlightening or helpful. And with the Lipglossmaffia in charge, the content on the channel would revolve around; love, relationships, sex and sexuality. It’s an interactive community designed as a space  for like minded individuals.

QUESTION: Is the channel for everyone?

Anyone who is honest and open can join the channel. We don’t like people who are narrow-minded and boring and judge-y(yep, i just made that up!) and petty.

QUESTION: Tell us a little bit about  #LipglossmaffiaAfterDark


Technically, it’s chatroom. Going deeper, it’s a place where the #MaffiaTribe gathers to exchange ideas. As the admin, I post a topic and we all give our opinions and thoughts in the comment section. We engage in OPEN and HONEST conversations about relationships, sex, sexuality and love.

QUESTION: This must be a lot of fun for you guys?

Of course! It’s amazing.

This was fun and not creepy that i was talking to myself the whole time! I should interview myself more, this was awesome. I hope you join the channel too. We are about to redefine the meaning of 10pm!!!!!!(if it ever had a meaning, lol)

See y’all at 10pm(Nigerian time)


I want to leave you today with my tune of the day…

Janet Jackson All Nite