The Maffia Birthday Wish List…

Hi guys!!

Happy new month!!! It’s the month of the Maffia!!! I know, I know. I’m too excited…

But I can’t keep calm!!!!!

Happy new month, beautiful people. Wishing you the most amazing experiences, yet. This is not the month you wait for things to happen. This is the month you take them! YOU have to make things happen yourself. You can do this.


Okay, that’s enough inspirational talk, welcome to my birthday month. My birthday is on the 15th, I’m Fela’s Anikulapo-Kuti’s birthday mate. If you don’t know who that is, GOOGLE!

I don’t like people stressing over gifts to get me, I like to make things easy for everyone, I love helping people (I’m a people helper😏). So, this year, I have come up with a birthday wish list to guide you when shopping for the perfect gift(for me).

Here we go:


Journals: This would be an awesome gift. Please don’t give me the yearly one from your office (that’s just disrespectful!) I’d love something that requires more thought. A lovely cover, leather or Ankara or something soft. I’m obsessed with journals! I scribble a lot, extra points if you also get me pens.


A Tripod: This is a more practical gift. And I LOVE practical gifts. As a media practitioner, I’m always looking for new gear. And right now, I just want lots and lots of tripods, so that I can finally film my sex tape *tongue out*


A Carton Of Caprisonne, Ocean Spray Cranberry, Berry Blast or Fanta Pineapple: I think that this is a very easy one for everybody.I love my juices, I’m addicted to sugar, so this is a given I any scenario, birthday, meeting for the first time, anything. Juices are always a winner!


Microphone: Back to my need for gadgets, I really really really want a microphone. I feel like this will help me in my next phase, so feel free to sow a seed.


Something Special From Lelo: Please please please, just surprise me here. Just go to their website and get something that you think would suit my “personality” *wink wink*(Psst, check out the INNA Wave😍👍🏼😍)

Money: Do I need to explain this? I just want money. End of story. Lots and lots of money. My favourite currency is £££ May the force be with you!


iTunes Gift Card: I need to get  books from a favourite author of mine and this would cost approximately £20, so holla at your girl! I really really really really want these books.


Mugs:  As a mug collector, I’m always looking for  a new baby to add to the group. To be more specific, I’d like something to drink my beer with, so get creative. I would also like anything with skulls, in a dark colour. Please go creative on this one, let your instincts guide you.

And that’s it,  #TheList. I can’t think of any other thing I’d want. So, the count down starts now!

Side Note: I have noticed that, the older I get, the less things I want for my birthday. Is it weird? Hmm…