#OnTheHustle: The Accidental Photo Genius…

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Welcome to the first episode of #OnTheHustle. This is the show platform where I get to showcase the best creative services and products in the new world. This new world is a place where you have to think creatively to survive or die in a pool of depression from blaming the “government” for every single mishap in your life.

The individuals who would be featured on this awesome series are people who deserve to have their names out there, so that they can get more clients and grow. Why am I doing this, you might ask?. After all, it’s not the mood you’re used to on the blog. You don’t want to be bamboozled with sponsored posts and ads from random businesses, Lipglossmaffia’s Blog is where is you come, to chill and get away from all the crazies and the “usual” blogs out there. I totally understand that.

Here is the catch. People always seem to call me when they need to know about a service, or get the contact of some vendors, or hear my reviews about some services or products. I don’t know why, but they always do. For instance, my friend(a guy) told me that he heard about a spa that gave “happy endings” in Lagos and asked if I knew the place. I was like, Dude, what in the actual fuck? How the hell should I know? But my curiosity got the best of me and I asked a bunch of people and found the place. And since then, if he needs anything found, he always calls. And for some weird reason, I actually enjoy it. I enjoy the hunt. Most especially, I enjoy the feeling of helping. So, I’m very excited about this series.

On this episode, I’m introducing you to a Photographer (I’m sure we all know how I love photographers, I even wrote an erotic fictional story called The Photographer, but I digress). His name is @OOcharles (btw, it’s so weird that it has become the norm to introduce people by their social media handles). Charles isn’t just a photographer, he is a visual artist, every image produced from his lens is a glimpse of fun. I mean, real fun. He has a way of drawing out the fun, bubbly side of his subjects. It’s really beautiful to watch, I guess that’s because he is just cool and easy going, so you’re definitely guaranteed a superb service experience. It also helps that he is very easy on the eye *wink wink*

Charles started out in landscape photography and then ventured into weddings, fashion shoots, portraiture and most recently, graduated to documentaries. He is based in Abuja but can be shipped to any part of Nigeria, so you should call him for; weddings, corporate/social events, fashion shoots, boudoir private shoots(which is what I booked him for), portraiture and corporate & social events. You get a 10% discount when you mention the code, which is LIPGLOSSMAFFIA. Cool, right?

Let’s enjoy a few pictures, shall we?



5777unnamed555444And my personal favourite!! Seriously, everyone needs a portrait of themselves in black and white, and who best to capture that? Exactly!


You can get through to him here:
Mobile: 08149576768

Instagram: @oocharles

Facebook: Osacharles Omoruyi

Catch you same time next week with another fascinating individual, On The Hustle.