Seeing Television Stars In Real Life Situations Is So Freaking Awesome…

Get in here, Scandal fans!!!

Scandal-Season-4-promo-castEarlier today, I went on a YouTube binge and stumbled upon interviews of the Scandal cast on Ellen’s YouTube page and I laughed so hard! I enjoy watching actors in real life because, when you get sucked into the plots and their characters, you forget that, they are very normal people. Richer, but still normal. Here are some of the funniest videos I saw today, enjoy…

1- The First Lady of ‘Scandal’ on Meeting The First Lady

I’m still going to refer to them by their work names, I don’t even care. In this video, Mellie talks to Ellen about meeting Michelle Obama. She is so lovely and bubbly, totally different from her character on the show. I love her!

2- Ellen Sends ‘Scandal’ to a Haunted House!

In this video, Quinn and Huck are sent to a haunted house and it’s so funny watching them scream, especially Huck, who is supposed to a trained killer and every thing.

3- ‘Scandal’s’ Love Triangle

Here, Ellen puts Olivia in an awkward situation by asking who kisses better, Fitz or Jake? I have never been so happy to see Olivia Pope squirm.

4- The ‘Scandal’ Cast Reveals Their Secrets

The entire casts get to reveal secrets about each other in a “Family Feud” style game on The Ellen Show.

5- Scandal High – Episode 1

And this is my favourite video, Jimmy Kimmel gets the entire cast to act as high school students, it’s so so ridiculously funny!

I hope you enjoyed it!

P.S Following the success of #OnTheHustle yesterday, two brand new series have been added to the blog.
#TheWeekly8, which is going to bring you eight of the most random things you can think of, you might know some of it, you might learn from some and you will definitely laugh at most. This is one series, you do not want to miss out on.
#TheReview, as you have guessed is a review of everything under the sun, you think it and it will be reviewed. I’m so excited to share all of this with you. It’s going be awesome!

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