This Is A Serious Masterclass!(For Wine Lovers)…

Hi Guys!

Don't you just love the tingle of #TipsyTuesdays?

Don’t you just love the tingle of #TipsyTuesdays?

We all know about my undying affection for The Holy Grapes, Wine. I would like to share a cheat sheet I found on the For Dummies Series website. Let’s take a trip, shall we?

Useful Terms for Describing Wine

When describing wine, wine merchants, restaurant servers, and your oenophile friends will use specific language to tell you about its characteristics. Knowing these words will help you understand the wine they’re describing:

  • Aroma or bouquet: The smell of a wine — bouquet applies particularly to the aroma of older wines

  • Body: The apparent weight of a wine in your mouth (light, medium, or full)

  • Crisp: A wine with refreshing acidity

  • Dry: Not sweet

  • Finish: The impression a wine leaves as you swallow it

  • Flavour intensity: How strong or weak a wine’s flavours are

  • Fruity: A wine whose aromas and flavors suggest fruit; doesn’t imply sweetness
  • Oaky: A wine that has oak flavors (smoky, toasty)

  • Soft: A wine that has a smooth rather than crisp mouth feel

  • Tannic: A red wine that is firm and leaves the mouth feeling dry

My Thighs have found its purpose in life

My Thighs have found its purpose in life

Easy Wine Identifier

Most wines you find in shops and restaurants are named in two basic ways: for the variety of the grape or for the place the grapes are grown. This instant guide decodes common wine names and tells you the wine’s color.

Wine Name Grape or Place Wine Color
Barbera Grape Red
Bardolino Place/Italy Red
Barolo Place/Italy Red
Beaujolais Place/France Red
Bordeaux Place/France Red or white
Burgundy (Bourgogne) Place/France Red or white
Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Red
Chablis Place/France White
Champagne Place/France White or rosé
Chardonnay Grape White
Chianti Place/Italy Red
Côtes du Rhône Place/France Red or white
Dolcetto Grape Red
Merlot Grape Red
Mosel Place/Germany White
Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris Grape White
Pinot Noir Grape Red
Port (Porto) Place/Portugal Red (fortified)

Prosecco(This is one of my fave)





Rhine (Rheingau, Rheinhessen) Place/Germany White
Riesling Grape White
Rioja Place/Spain Red or white
Sancerre Place/France White
Sauternes Place/France White (dessert)
Sauvignon Blanc Grape White
Sherry Place/Spain White (fortified)
Soave Place/Italy White
Syrah/Shiraz Grape Red
Valpolicella Place/Italy Red
Viognier Grape White
Zinfandel Grape Red or pink
    • How To Shop Like A Pro

    Don’t get frazzled when you’re shopping for wine. Browsing and buying wine should be a fun, positive experience. Remember these helpful hints when you hit the wine shop:

    • No one in the world knows everything about wine.

    • Smart people aren’t afraid to ask “dumb” questions.

    • The purpose of wine is to be enjoyed.

    • Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll enjoy it more.

    • I am my own best judge of wine quality.

    • Most wines are good wines.

    • Experimentation is fun.

    • Advice is free for the asking.

    • Every bottle of wine is a live performance.

    • I’ll never know . . . until I try it!

    I hope you enjoyed the Masterclass, guys!

    Tomorrow is another exciting edition of #OnTheHustle


    See yah! xoxo



7 thoughts on “This Is A Serious Masterclass!(For Wine Lovers)…

  1. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean I will enjoy it more… Hard truth I discovered a while back… #MostHorriblestBottleEver

  2. I think I’ll need a full on session on wine. My wine skills suck 😦 thanks for this post tho, gotta start from somewhere, yeah!?

  3. my my “me no do weakness” but those fresh laps of wine in the pix tho. I’m definitely copying notes in this class to make good impressions in the future ^_^. I don’t know exquisite and “touche touche” wines, for ‘ibile united’ like us the only wine i know SO WELL is the one we drank before coming out of our mothers womb,the sweat of gods that flows from the gourd into the calabash, the holy H20 “Palm Wine”, chai! the taste of freshly tapped palm wine and ‘eran igbe’ bush meat (before ebola striked :p) in the lovely town of okemesi can never be forgotten. I should take a master class on plam wine sef :D,

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