Life Lessons From The Maffia Tribe…


Have you heard about the Lipglossmaffia Inc BBM channel? It’s the best thing since cordless vibrators, I’m not even kidding. The Tribe(members of the channel) are the most amazing, funny and intelligent individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to chat with. When we are not talking about orgasms and penis lengths, I love to pick their brains for some collaborative feature ideas. That’s how we created this one, this piece is golden advice from The Tribe. I asked them; If you could give a life lesson to a 20 year old, what would it be? And these are the responses, enjoy…

  1. “Understand that life is not always smooth and rosy but making something positive out of whatever/ wherever it is you find yourself, is what makes it worthwhile” –@KvngDemola
  2. “Don’t get addicted to your salary, it’s worse than heroin” – @Tinkerman
  3. “Be nice to your skin, it’s tough but there’s only so much it can take// Don’t be in such a hurry to do all, you’ve got time// Use your time wisely, don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll regret the way you spent your time six years from here// Be good to your teeth, after here, they don’t grow back// Be good to the old ones and the older ones, trust me, there is wisdom there// LOVE YOURSELF, you’ll achieve so much more when you do.” -@yemrojai
  4. “Drink more, it gets worse” -@Summer_ace
  5. “Just do it” -@Kaysclose
  1. “Live everyday!” -@SilkyKathie
  2. “Never make decisions based on other people’s opinions” -@God’sBaby
  3. “Your life is a movie. You’re the scriptwriter and the star. Make it a memorable one” -@MsFayemiwo
  4. “Try not to show all of your emotions especially the negative ones” -@ms_sarraah
  5. “Males: Be careful of the friends you make// Females: Men will come with their lies just to get a piece of the action, you are not emotionally strong for such trama. Guard your body and heart with your life, it will serve you greatly when you’re older” -@Ms_Tarah
  1. “Never seek to please man. It’s just an effort in futility” -@Ellamaris
  2. “Opportunities come to those who are available and when it comes, maximise any and every opportunity” -@Ik
  3. “Live to enjoy every bit of life DAILY and hold unto God” -@Wengies99
  4. “Don’t spend your time planning, leave it” –@Beeba
  5. “Life is hard but life goes on” -@Cereal246
  1. “Be yourself at all times and  try to be a better person each day” -@_EnSaBahNur
  2. “Don’t grow up too fast… take time to live, take time to learn, take time to give, take time to earn and always remember, everything comes to him that hustles while he waits” -@IwekaKingsley
  3. “Adulthood is a trap” –@theFunbi
  4. “Take care of  your mind always” -@Ogbanje_


    To Understand @Ogbanje’s advice, you have to read the message in here…

  5. “Life is unscripted// Two people can do the same thing  at the same time and get different results// Sometimes, you could follow the rules, do the good things yet results may not go as planned// Someone else might ditch the rules and get enviable results// Lastly and mostly, there are/is no secret(s) to success// Just succeed and everything you do becomes a success secret// Don’t sweat the small stuff” -@IamDickson
  1. “You’re never too young for anything, neither are you too old” -@AlexandraHul
  2. “You know right from wrong, try as much as possible to make the right decision. One wrong move may change your life forever” –@Toxbio
  3. “Just be yourself” -@aammiirraahh
  4. “Take your time. You’re in the process of becoming” -@motvnrayo_
  5. “Laugh more and be kind. That’s the key to being happy on the inside// When you emit goodness, you attract the best opportunities and the best situations. Every other thing would fall in place” –@Og_Salt
  1. “Life is short, follow your gut, have all the fun you can// Try to make positive choices as regards career and never be too scared to explore and be adventurous// It’s better you made an effort at something and failed rather than not trying, failure teaches us and makes us better” -@Fulani
  2. “Confidence will literarily get you through everything” -@OnnaedoO
  3. “You have a lot of time to play, just do all the serious stuff till you’re done with school, then lose it” -@ThatNosike
  4. “Never procastinate. Don’t be scared to take that bold step” -@Amah
  5. “Stay a virgin a little longer// Triple check your decisions// Listen to good advice as often as you can// Have a relationship with God and have as much fun and experience of life as you can” -@Dveryman
  1. “Avoid negative people, make mistakes and learn from it” –@Uwandulu
  2. “You’ll get disappointed in life, but you have to suck it up and move on” -@Wyld_flower
  3. “Don’t hesitate to take advantage of opportunities that come your way” -@moyekan
  4. “Show up// Put on your best attitude// Worrying solves nothing” -@CzarArchie
  5. “Start living” -@Khuddie23
  1. “It is a do-or-die affair” -@JideOdusoga
  2. “Master the art of making money, managing your finances and making investments// Come up with an idea and start bringing it to life, little by little. It may take years to be fully developed but when you look back, you’ll be glad// A few people will change your life. Take time to find them” -@El_Zak23
  3. “Enjoy every moment, at every step because you don’t want to look back and regret” -@Labeecee
  4. “One step at a time sweetheart, you have all your life to create worthwhile experiences” -@LadyElla
  5. “Observe carefully, and experiment with caution” -@Constantin
  1. “If your mother is the kind of person you can tell anything to, never be afraid to go to her with your fears and questions// Live for yourself, don’t try to change to be the cool girl to impress boys, You are perfect the way you are. Your opinions matter// Make plans ahead of time. In your last few years of college/ uni, think about whether you’d like to go to grad school, what career path you want and implement a plan to get to there” -@HrRylRndmnss
  2. “Life will get very tough but never give up, keep your eyes on the price because it will be worth it at the end” -@Nissi
  3. “Wear a condom” -@Brixon_za_boss
  4. “Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons and your 40s are to pay for the drinks- Carrie Bradshaw” -@Wakkomaniac
  5. “If you don’t build your dreams now, someone will hire you to build theirs” -@Quin_chic
  1. “Dare to dream, be audacious// What you are, must always displease you if you would attain to that which you are not” -@Biodun  
  2. “Life advice on relationships “be selfless i.e don’t do things to get people’s respect or love, it filters away// Live life like all sides of a coin” i didn’t say 2 sides because it might mean being sly or tricky, all sides because the coin can be on the rolling tip which is another side technically, which is neither head or tail, black or white, straight or gay, single or married, christain or muslim and you need to listen to people from 2 different angles, positive or negative you will find making life choices easier// Life advice on career “every one has a God given talent, discover it by paying more attention to yourself and your daily activities” the good and bad habits you have, from there you can discover gold, you love gossip why don’t you work on newscasting, you love staring at women and analyzing their features, you could make a good model scout// Also every young man/lady should try as much as possible to learn a skill apart from their field of study e.g coding😁, tailoring/fashion designing, graphics design, cake making,photography” -@ad3bay0(It’s his birthday today, Yaaay!)

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