#TheWeekly8: If The Expendables Franchise Decides To Make A Female Version…

Hi guys! I’m so excited about this series!

Welcome to #TheWeekly8.

This spanking new addition to the blog was influenced by my love for lists. I love to make lists. Lists of the most random things you can ever imagine and I feel like it should be shared, because if you are reader of Lipglossmaffia’s Blog, we share a kindred spirit. On #TheWeekly8, randomness is something you’re going to have to get used to. Sometimes, it will be a list created by me or you. Yes, you can also share a list with me so that we can spread the randomness. Pretty cool, huhn?


On this episode, we are are going to fantasise about a female Expendables cast. My mum, sister and I play this game where we recast some films and create sequels. It’s a lot of fun. You should try it. We love The Expendables, I mean, we are obsessed with it, so we had the genius idea to create a female cast. Check out the list and let me know your thoughts…

1- Angelina Jolie

angelina 3

This should come as no surprise. I’m obsessed with this woman (I’m actually in love with all the women on this list). I would cast her as the leader of the gang because I feel she has the most bossy vibe of them all. And technically, she has killed more people, right?

2- Kate Beckinsale

kate 2

Asides from being awesome with knives, she has a look that can kill. And she destroys vampires for a living! I loved her in Van Helsing, but in Underworld?!? Oh my God!!! She is a genius and I think she and Angelina would have amazing chemistry, so she’d be the deputy, you know, like Jason Statham.

3- Charlize Theron

charlize 2

She has been an amazing action actress for a while and then she went and did Mad Max and I was like what the fuck! Like, WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK! She is brilliant and she really looks scary when she is wielding a gun. Have you seen Monster? She really goes deep into her roles!

4- Milla Jovovich

milla 2

Resident Evil. Ultra Violet. This woman is the ultimate killing machine. But she is also very classy. I can already imagine her shooting someone’s testicles off with a bazooka. I love her! And one more thing, look at her. Look into her eyes. Seen it? Boom!

5- Maggie Q

maggie 2

This might be the most ruthless of all. I still call her Nikita, as most people do. She is the one who would be popping eyeballs with her stilettos. Hell, her bra might even have knives. I feel like she’ll be sent for undercover parts a lot because of her ability to just blend with everything.

6- Zoe Saldana

zoe 2

One word. Columbiana. Shit. Zoe is a demon. A cute one. But still a demon. And killing for her is an art. You can just go shooting people, she is calculating, so you have to plan. SZheng would probably be the planner of the group.

7- Scarlett Johansson


Scar- Jo, the black widow 😈. I feel like, when all the girls get stuck, she’d be the one who would come and pull a Chuck Norris. She is certainly good for it. No muscle in sight but she is really strong. Younger but you can feel that she would enjoy killing people.

8- Uma Thurman

uma 1

And finally, every action movie needs a villain and who better than Uma Thurman?!? She is a really good killer but since her face surgery turned her into an unrecognisable person, I think she suit the role of the villain.

So yeah, that’s my list for the week! What do you think? Who would you add and who would you remove to your own fantasy cast?