#OnTheHustle: New Age Cabbies…


If you live in Lagos or Abuja, it is very wise to have a cab man’s number handy. Sometimes you don’t want to drive, or you don’t have a car or you have an emergency, having these numbers can literarily save a life. With the help of my awesome friends, I have compiled a list of cabbies who have been tried and tested, they are reliable and affordable. Why would they get a space on this blog, you might think? Their amazing personalities, they are genuinely good people and I’m a lover of good people. Put these numbers in your phone, okay? You never know when you might need a cabbie…


1- Adah (pronounced Ey-dah)
He is my personal cabbie, and I really like this dude. He is always polite, and punctual. And his car is super clean. So, that’s a plus for me. No a/c though. His base is at Falomo roundabout. So, he is very useful if you’re on the island. If you need him on the mainland, give him enough notice and he’ll come get you and if he can’t? Scroll down, I have more cabbies available.
P.S He is great at identifying people so you don’t have to worry about looking for him, if he is coming for you all he needs is a basic description
Numbers: 08167646573 , 08122492059

2- Mr Williams
He is @wakkomaniac’s cabbie(remember her, she was #OnTheHustle last week). He is usually based on the Island, but he moves around the Mainland too. Mr Williams has a POS in the car so you’re covered if you run out of cash and ATM machines are not working. He can take you out of Lagos, wait and return with you the next day. He is very reliable and kind. Yes, the ac in his car is working.
Numbers: 08020775237 , 08032638200

3- Prince
Also referred by @wakkomanic. Mostly on the mainland, but he is a flexible guy. He is super trustworthy and dependable. Prince is a very hip dude, he drives a blue air conditioned golf. Airport runs are never a hassle with him and Mr Williams, just give enough time when planning, so that he can work around traffic and all that boring stuff.
Numbers: 08069763800 , 08122865445

4- Mr Ola
He is one of my cabbies. I call him when I need to pick an important guest, or I refer him to the “executive” folks. He drives a silver Toyota Corolla, very clean & classy. He is the cheap and chic version of a fancy ride. He is very respectful, and has a smooth music collection. He is perfect for island runs. Especially if you have an event, he’ll wait till you’re done.
Numbers: 08056629064

5- Okay, we don’t remember his name, I got his number from @Ms_Tarah, he is a very cool guy who is based around Onikan. She swears by his affordability and he is very reliable. When you call, just say, “hi, please can you come pick me up at ...” Lol!
Numbers: 08035740233

6- Papa
This is a very lovely story. A member of the tribe, @motvnrayo_ forgot her phone in his car and he went home and got his daughter to find someone he could call, they got through to her brother and that’s how we got the phone back. He is based in Ogudu, so he would be great for services around that area.
Numbers: 07065563502


Can you see me? That’s Papa

7- Niyi
Niyi is THE airport guy. His base is Ajao Estate, he is my cabbie so I know how reliable he is. And as I always say, if you need a cab, always call in time so that the cabbies can get to you on time.
Numbers: 08034899140

8- Ade
This awesome young man was referred to us by @Cereal246. He is usually around Isolo area, so he would be perfect for mainland runs. He is very very very punctual(if you call him in time to beat traffic). He drives a Camry 2.2
Numbers: 08023171132


9- Emeka
I got this contact from Abuja superstar, @wengies99. Emeka is very young and trendy. He has an amazing music collection, his car is air conditioned and he works till late. He’ll be very efficient for those club crawls. And in the words of @wengies99, “Emeka is a happening guy!”
Numbers: 08036259969 (Awww, his number ends with 69, that’s always a good sign if you know what I mean😏😏😏)

10- Joshua Ayino
He is your standard go-to cabbie. He is very punctual, reliable and super affordable. In his car, you’ll enjoy the cool breeze of Abuja or the crazy sun, his car has no ac, but it’s really clean!
Numbers: 07037904288

11- Ola Games Village
Lol! I love how @wengies99 named him. It should make everything pretty easy. He is usually around games village so if you need a ride, give, Ola a call!
Numbers: 09099415658

12- Mohammed
I got this chap’s contact from fashionista, @Silkykathie. He is extremely flexible in and around Abuja. He is calm and highly professional and not to forget, very affordable. And yes, his cab comes with the a/c option.
Numbers: 08035439126

If you’re ever in Abuja or Lagos, you don’t have to worry about getting around, I’ve got you!