#TipsyTuesday: The Etiquette of Pouring A Drink For A “Man”…

Hey there!

I hope you’re having a swell #TipsyTuesday? What are you having? You know what? I think we should have a category where you send in a picture of you paying tribute to #TipsyTuesday, great plan yeah? Coolies. my people would get in touch with your people *wink wink*

Today is supposed to be my Chianti day, but I’m in a meeting with a potential business partner and he preferred beer so I offered him a beer that I’m reviewing for the first episode of #TheReview. As a first time guest, I did what I usually do with all my guests. I opened the bottle and proceeded to pour the beer into the glass (duh). When he noticed what I was doing, he was like what are you doing?  And I said I was looking for the Holy Spirit, like bruh what the fuck do you think I’m doing? I’m pouring you a glass, jeez. 


Guess what i’m indulging in?

Then, he said you don’t pour drinks for a man.  So I asked, why? And he said it’s the ego, some guys would like it though because they want to be pampered but some men don’t like it at all and he was like, it’s like wearing a condom for a guy. So, now I’m thinking, is it really a big deal? Do we care who pours the drinks? Do we care who puts the condom on? Just as long as we enjoy ourselves right? I’m really getting tired of the gender roles. 

So, what do you think? To pour or not to pour?