#OnTheHustle: Re-Designing Comfort And Style(In The Most Fabulous Way Ever)…

Hey y’all!


Welcome to another super exciting episode of #OnTheHustle (insert *whoop whoop* for dramatic effect). Today’s hustler is one super talented lady that I would really, really really, really like to meet (if you’re reading this, let’s do drinks).

I was all set with my narrative for this post until I saw something Funmi Iyanda posted on twitter a few days ago and I had to come and do a makeover to the piece. This is what she wrote:

 @Funmilola:  I always want to wear something made in Nigeria but often there’s much fashion PRing but very little clothing.

At first I was like, yaaaaaaaaassss, honey. Yaaaasss!!! Then, I gave it a little thought and the truth of the matter left a sinking feeling in my stomach(that’s where it’s felt, yes?) In a country with so much culture, you would think that top fashion designers would put all that heritage on the catwalk and in their stores. The reverse is the case, it’s like people who are not making “museum-style” clothes are not fit to make it in the cutting edge industry of fashion. Well, today’s hustler is calling them out on their bullshit!

Re-designing the face of comfort and style is @lepidopteran__ (real name: Emi). She even has a niche (and that word is as classy as what it means, especially in fashion). She started off selling exquisite silk, chiffon and other fabrics, it was good but she knew she could make magic with the fabrics that she sold. One day, she had the perfect idea! Transforming the luxurious materials into beautiful ready-to-wear pieces. Boooooooom!

She is currently working as a designer-in-training, so the future for her is so bright, my eyes are tearing up.  Okay, enough of my talk, let’s admire some pieces…



I’m obsessed with this one. Obsessed!!!!!!(Sadly, this is not me in the picture. I wish it was, she looks amazing!)





Okay people, the season of giving is almost upon us. I feel that this would make the perfect gift to any female in your life and if you’re female and reading this? Gift yourself something amazing and rock this Christmas like nobody’s business!

Instagram: @butterflysilks

Email: butterflysilks1@gmail.com

Telephone: 09051692174

Twitter: @lepidopteran__

She delivers NATIONWIDE. Most of her fabrics are locally but carefully sourced and selected to ensure they give you the best, at affordable prices and to support other Nigerian entrepreneurs. It is important to note that , there is a 10% discount if you say the code word, “LIPGLOSSMAFFIA”(Yes, she will ask you for a code word, duh!)

Start calling people!!! #SupportTheHustle