#TheWeekly8: These Things Need To Come Back!!!

I feel very weird today. Like a “I’m about to fall really really ill” kind of weird. But that shouldn’t destroy the flow of today’s episode of #TheWeekly8 *whoop whoop*

I have been feeling really nostalgic lately, I found a card my mum gave to me on my fifteenth birthday. It had a really long message in it, I almost shed a tear and then I saw the card I got on my last birthday and all it had was, “with love, happy birthday”. And I felt deflated. It might not seem like a big deal but I would always keep the long message card. I miss those days/moments/ gestures when everybody took the time to “be”. Does that even make any sense?
On today’s episode, I’m going to list eight things that I miss and hope/pray they come back, somehow. Let’s see if you agree with me…
1- Handwritten Letters

I’m sad just thinking about this. There was a time when scented ink was something I looked forward to sniffing. I hate instant messages, stupid emails, I hate it. We are advancing in the world, I get it but I still hate it. I wish someone would write me a letter and post it to me. Remember that rush of excitement when you were in boarding school and the prefect would call your name, saying you had a letter? Remember that? No?
2- Mix Tapes/CDs

Why does nobody do this? Why do I have to make a car mix myself? A very special person was a tour guide when I travelled with the family. He played one particular Cd in the car, on our way back home, he gave my mum the CD collection. You cannot begin to imagine the smile on my mum’s face when this CD is on and that’s what I’m talking about. When someone takes their time to create a playlist for you, there is no way that person isn’t  always going to be on your mind when you play it. And it is such a nice gesture! Even if it’s not their type of music, they would start to like it! Am I being too sentimental? Blame this migraine I have. Maybe if someone made me a “Migraine” mixtape, I wouldn’t have one.
3- Picnics

I used to love picnics. We always went for picnics at the beach. It was always so much fun. Why don’t we do that anymore? Wait! Do people still do it and I’m the only one left behind? *wailing hysterically* I want to go on a picnic!!!!!!
4- Actual Conversations

Listen. Sometime we just need to listen for the sake of actually understanding the person talking to us. I think the art of conversation has been lost in the techno world. People don’t have conversations anymore they just pass their OWN message along and if it’s not understood, a stupid argument comes up. An argument that would have been avoided if they took the time to actually converse. I blame it on the word “multitasking”. People go out with their friends or family or loved ones and think that they can have meaningful conversations while watching a film or checking their social media, annoying stuff like that. And conversations don’t always have to be deep, it’s just great to know that the other person is also interested in having a conversation with you. Or be in the moment with you.
5- Typing In Full

I have one question to people who don’t type in full, what do you do with all that extra time you save on reducing the letters you could have used? We are living in a world where I can’t get handwritten letters, so I feel that as humans, it would be nice to put in some effort and just spell properly. A big turn off for me is when I get a message like this, “gm, did u slip wel? Wachu doin 2dai?” It’s so embarrassing to read and I feel myself losing respect for the person. Some part of me wouldn’t take that person seriously, not matter how much I try. 
6- Courtship

This was the word  Dating replaced. Technically, it should be the same thing, but it’s not. Maybe the books I have read have brainwashed me, but I feel people should stop dating and there should be more courtships. I feel that, with more courtships, this statement would be eradicated, “let’s just see where where this goes“. When you meet someone for the first time, I think it should be fairly easy to determine what space you want them to occupy in your life. They are either; a long term partner, mistress, sugar daddy, sugar mummy, boy toy, mentor, friend, business partner, etc. Nothing annoys me more than this, “it’s complicated”. Often times, it’s not remotely close to complicated. It’s very easy, but both parties haven’t  had an actual conversation on what they really want. See?
7- Respect

Do I even need to explain this? Where is the respect? Sigh…

We need to bring back respect.
8- 60s Fashion

bef0c91d0244b868544568f2a024b260.jpg  84e3ddbfbe40f33385e98826be440670.jpg
No, I wasn’t born in this era but I wish I was. I have been watching a lot of films set in the 60s and I’m so jealous. I feel like, in the sixties, everything I mentioned above was in play. I was watching this series on ITV Choice, “Breathless”. Everyone just looked so well dressed. Even the homeless people! I loved the full skirts/dresses, the hair, the way the men always looked so put together, the cars they drove. Everything, I’m obsessed with everything from the sixties. Did you see Mad Men? Exactly!

Bonus: These are a few things that I really miss. Do you remember them?

Lol! Have an amazing weekend ahead people! Watch out for #TheReview tomorrow (it’s really coming out this time)


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