#OnTheHustle: Customised Clothing Made Awesome…

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Welcome to a super fun episode of #OnTheHustle. Is this your first time on the series? Where the heck have you beeeennnn? Here is Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, to read episode 5, just keep scrolling down.(lol!)


I am a true lover of style(don’t laugh) Seriously, I am. And it involves lots and lots of tshirts. I mean, who doesn’t love tshirts?   If you spend hours sifting through tops in clothes shops without finding one which catches your eye, it may be time to invest in some custom-made t shirts from Crazype0ple Tees.

The slogan of this tshirt company practically sells itself,  “whatever you want on a Tshirt”.  They also make customised jumpers, varsity jackets and hoodies(your wardrobe is not complete if you do not own a hoodie, #FACT). It’s so easy to order too. Just call and have a consultation; the colour of tshirt you’d like, what you’d like to put on it, easy stuff(I’d advise to let the experts take of you though). And the best part? They deliver NATIONWIDE(all over Nigeria), and to the UK! If you are outside these areas, it is also possible but at a teeny weeny extra cost.

The owner of this company is @Joeycrazypeople. Before this feature, I wanted to ask him what his day job was, because if you check his Instagram account, he looks like a GQ’s private assassin, then I realized, what’s the point? This is #OnTheHustle, we only care about people turning their passions into money makers. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you turn what you love into gold. Joey doesn’t just make customized tshirts, he opens you to a world where you can take a stand and make a statement.

Okay, let’s get to the fun part…







You’re already thinking of how to pair these with something in your wardrobe, yeah?

I know right! They are so unique and so fun to wear, what are you still waiting for? This is the perfect gift for you and your loved one this Christmas!

Do not forget the name! Crazype0ple Tees
Mobile: 08173302460
Email:  Josephabu53@yahoo.com
Twitter: @Joeycrazype0ple
Instagram: @joeycrazype0ple

You get a 10% discount when you say the code word, LIPGLOSSMAFFIA. Don’t forget, he will ask you!

Start shopping!!!