#TipsyTuesday: AubRhi, Could This Be True Love…

Hey y’all…

Office Selfie time!!!


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It’s a slow day in bloggersville(I think). Or maybe it’s because I’m sober. I am embarking on my yearly detox, I started yesterday(29th) and it will end on the 30th of September. What is the point of this detox, you might ask? Well, it’s for a variety of reasons. Let me give you a list(you know how much I love lists).

  • Mental and emotional clarity: That feeling you get after your spring cleaning in your home? Yes, after a detox, I just feel fresher, clearer and more in tune with my center(I’m going to do a post on finding your center very soon, remind me).
  • Restore balance to my body’s system: I drink. Sigh, I’m a drinker with writer problems. So, sometimes, I just like to pick a month in the year to restore the balance.
  • Improve skin quality & increase energy: I’m off alcohol and soda and processed fruit drinks this month so, the change to the body is always great. A very welcome change, lol.
  • Enhance immune system function: I don’t get sick but this season is when the soldiers who fight to keep my immnune system strong, take a vacation to just relax and be pampered.
  • Remove toxins from the body: This is a no-brainer.

Now, to the topic of the day. You guys! Are you in love with Rihanna and Drake or what? I love them. In passing conversations with friends, it seems like I am the only one who feels this is real love. I know these two, have terrible track records, relationship wise. But I am a sucker for a good love story and I believe in these two.

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Most people feel that Rihanna is too hardcore for trivial matters of the heart and some people feel that Drake is a very good bad guy. That the couple is just in it for the sex. I beg to differ. I am obsessed with this couple and I think they are going to be together  for a long time. Maybe even have a baby. And then, get married. I am allowed to dream, ain’t I?

Remember the first time we saw them in What’s My Name? This song was even one of my special song  with an ex(such an idiot). The chemistry in this video was just… mesmerizing!


Then, the video of Take Care came out. In the video, they were in each other’s arms for 70% of the time. How do you fake that type of chemistry? What am I even saying? Sigh. I know, I know, not everyone you fall in love with is The One. Sucks.

And this last song and the most sexy, Work Work Work. You have to admit, you wished for them to be a couple even if it was for just a year. Smoldering!

So, what do you think about this couple? Do you think it would stick?

P.S Their countdown starts now, if they break up, i’ll be back here to cry.