#TheReview: Have You Ever Had A Naanini???

Hi guys!

Today, I will be reviewing Nuli Juice Lounge. If you have been living under a rock these past few weeks(or not a Nigerian), you might have missed the story of this bubbling young business that got its Lagos branch demolished because of taxes/lying cheating landlord drama.


I loved how the company didn’t get depressed, they continued deliveries around Lagos and kept their heads up. A lot of celebrities posted pictures online, it trended and I bought into it. I decided to join the Nuli craze. So, earlier in the week, I ordered for a Naanini(which is a panini made with naan bread) and a smoothie. I really wanted the juice but I had to go to a sister store to get that so i settled for the smoothie.


I am still going to get these juices!

I didn’t finish my Eggsplosive naanini. And, I really love eggs so when I don’t finish a meal with eggs in it, I get very sad. It wasn’t all bad, it’s just that every bite  promised hope. Hope that I might get some flavour. Some salt. Some spice. Some mayo. Just something. Then, I got tired of chewing (because I have old people teeth) and hoping. I ate 70% of it though. Maybe the naanini is an acquired taste because I usually love paninis and I thought it might be great to diversify. My favourite is the Coronation Chicken panini–it is heaven! I digress. I felt like this Eggsplosive was a bit stressful to eat. Maybe it was the naan.I don’t know. Hmmm…


The smoothie, on the other hand, was amazing.


I loved it. I had the Berrylicious. It was made with blueberries, strawberries, banana and unsweetend all-natural yoghurt. It made feel like I was on vacation in Mauritius, waiting for my personal chef to bring the steak. It made me feel really good inside.


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This is not a post to destroy their brand(seeing as the government has kicked them), I feel like if they get feedback, it would help them get better. I have noticed that it is a Nigerian thing to accept mediocrity instead of helping ourselves be the  best that we can be.

The concept of Nuli Juice Lounge is great but there is still so much room for improvement. Would I order again? Yeah, I still want to get those juices. You can too. I downloaded their menu.(nuli-juice-pack) So, just call and ask for anything you want, from their menu(duh), their customer service is great and the delivery guys are very fast.