#OnTheHustle: The Art Of Custom-Made Men’s Footwear…


Menswear. I never really understood the art. I mean, I can recognize when a man looks good(thanks to Pinterest and David Beckham) but I never really understood how good it made them feel about themselves.

For instance, you can tell a guy he is handsome and he would say thank you and probably shrug it off. Tell him, his shoes look really good and that compliment would stick better because, this is something he has control over, unlike his “fine” face. You saw his shoes, and you think they look great, think about for a minute. You are complimenting his style, his decision making, it’s a big big deal! Seriously, compliment a guy on his style and he would be unconsciously be endeared to you.(I promise. I have done my research on this)

This week, we are looking at Lagos based shoe designer, @Credible.



The goal of this article is to expose you to the concept that quality footwear that fits well is a worthy investment, and that the right shoes for the right situation can substantially elevate your personal style and comfort.

Why care about your shoes?


A man should care about his footwear if for no other reason than the fact that it constitutes the very foundation he stands upon. In an average day, you’ll ask your shoes to absorb the force of your weight 3000+ times; a poor choice here can lead to not only discomfort but injury one step at a time, especially if you select shoes that inhibit your body’s natural gait and cushioning system.(I read that, somewhere online)


Credible® produces and sell locally made shoes and leather accessories. They have been in business since 2013. I have it on good authority that their women’s line would be out soon. (yaaaay!) What I like about the shoes is the attention to detail and it is so funky fresh. Prices vary from #15,000 to #30,000 naira. These shoes are custom made, so you are sure you would not be wearing the same shoes with a hundred people. For their price they are asking, I think it’s a steal.

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Aren’t they so cool?!?
Contact Details:
Call/WhatsApp: 07032848923
Email: CredibleCollection@Gmail.com
Social Media: Twitter/IG @TheCredibleWay
Website: TheCredibleWay

Fun Fact: All shoes used to be custom; mass manufactured footwear that’s comfortable is a modern luxury. Crafted one at a time, a man’s status (much more than today) was determined by what he could afford to wear on his feet. Today the art of hand making footwear rests with a small number of artisans scattered across the globe.

Now, I am off to find some more creative business owners to showcase on here. Catch y’all next week. Don’t forget to the blog to get updates when a nest post is published.