Lipglossmaffia October Blog Challenge: Day 1



The meaning behind my blog name just the real story behind the name, Lipglossmaffia. 

I had a couple of guy friends at Uni who I enjoyed hanging out with. One time, I roasted someone and one of the guys said I used words the way the Mafia used their weapons. He felt that someone who loved lipgloss so much could be nicer. At first I felt bad, I thought I was a horrible horrible person, then I grew to like it. A few weeks later, I got into this TV show, Cashmere Mafia. And I had the most amazing idea for a new nickname, Lipglossmaffia. I started writing it everywhere and soon, people started calling me that.
So when I thought of creating a blog for myself, it was the practical way to go. Besides, I have grown to accept it. I know I can be blunt sometimes, but what I have learned is, it is very efficient.
There it is. The meaning behind my nickname and the blog name.
Right now, I’m at The Platform, an event that my mother dragged me to. I really hate these political/economy type seminars. Sigh.

Hopefully I learn a few things.