Welcome To October…

Welcome to my birth month.

Welcome to the month of awesomeness.

Welcome to love.

Welcome to peace

That’s right. October is the month of love. Why? Because I  am an October baby. Whoop whoop!!! And… The #30DayWaterChallenge is overrrr! Now I can get back to drinking, yaaaaay!

I am excited about so many things this month. You’d get to know them as the days go by. What i am most excited about is the #LipglossmaffiaOctoberDailyBlogChallenge. Yaaaaay! Lol. It’s a mouthful, I agree. But it is an awesome idea, I hope to get more bloggers on it so that readers around the world can enjoy more personal posts from their favourite blogger. Yup. So, fingers crossed on that. We all agree that I am the worst person to follow through these things, but I am going to try my very best to keep up with the posts. No, i am not going to ignore the normal-usual series on the blog. That means, sometimes i would post TWICE in a day! I’m so excited and terrified. I feel like, if i hype myself enough, this might actually work.


Yup, That’s the prompt to follow.

The posts will be titled, Lipglossmaffia October Daily Blog Challenge: Day blah blah. This would differentiate it from the other posts on the blog.

Alright guys, here is to a magnificent October.(P.s Everyone NEEDS to watch The Magnificent 7, awesome movie!)