Lipglossmaffia October Blog Challenge: Day 23

If i won the lottery?

Oh my gosh. Where to begin. I feel like i need to create an amount in my head to have something to work with. Or not.

Anyhoo, let me just go through the list I have in my head.

-Put some money aside for my baby sister.

-Send my mummy on a worldwide cruise while i revamp the house.

-Put some money aside for the first born kids of my two best friends.

-Finally, create my library/cafe/art space. It would be so rad.

-Get my partner an engraved watch (I really hope i end up with a watch guy)

-Start up a nursing home for old people.

Yeah, i think for now that’s what i would do…What would you do with yours?

So if anyone has 10 million pounds that they don’t need. I’m here for you.