The MaffiaTribe Speaks: On What The Inside Of A Vagina Feels Like…

Hi guys!

If at this stage of “our” lives you don’t know what #TheMaffiaTribe is, then I guess you just have to refresh your memory by readingย The MaffiaTribe Speaks: On The Art Of Fellatio &ย Life Lessons From The Maffia Tribe. You’re welcome.

I am fascinated by the vagina. I think this was one of the few chapters of our Biology textbook that stuck in my head, I could find my answer sheets, I would have loved to show you how good my vagina drawing was. Anyhoo, I have had a lot of talks with my male friends on the issue of what the inside of a ย vagina feels like and they never seem to be able to use words so I decided to put it to the tribe because they are obviously the best choice for any type of social issue. They never shy away from these topics and I trust my men to use their words properly. Lol


Here are their answers(i had to put my replies to some of them, it just makes it more fun to read, I think). Enjoy…

Well, it’s moist and soft.
Lol, I’ll take that
Can there even be more descriptions
You’d be surprised.

Ken ZuuLee
Its very different! “Different from?” you ask…
Well…I don’t know…
First time I was in one…I was out of the earth for the entirety of 10 seconds…till I “came” back…
But how did it “feel”?
What adjective to use…warm, intense and welcoming…

Moisty warm
I’m glad everybody is on the same page as “warm”
If u enter a cold pussy then u r in trouble somewhere loool

Imagine buying a scouring pad that has a foam sponge on the other side… Tear off the scouring pad and soak the sponge in water for a day… It’ll come back soft and squishy perhaps… Yeah? Well… That is NOT what the inside of a vajayjay feels like
Lol, you’re a goat. Answer me jare
The inside of a vajayjay is the most confusing thing though… It feels like soft, plush padding that cushions the slide and pull… Then all too suddenly, it firms up and can be a vice and soft plush again… It’s a living, breathing bit of pink bliss
Can’t i have more than one thought about it?
Of course
The inside of a vajayjay? U mean it’s actually possible to think through all the mad sensations I’m feeling when pushing and pulling through that insane wetness of Bliss and “attempt” to analyze what I’m feeling? *next line* Hian! *next line* You think too highly of me.

Warm. Pleasant. Ticklish.
Lol, it tickles?

The tongue will tell a different story.
The finger will say something different.
Deek will tell the best part though

Soft moist warm slick …or so i think

It feels like d middle of a slice of bread spread with jelly jam.

Warm, wet, squishy, tight.


Aguiyi Ironsi
Imagine your clit could get really really long.ย Then a mosquito bites you

And then someone uses a million wet feathers to tickle the mosquito bite just rubbing it real soft
But not too hard but you want it hard but you can only feel it softly
Then imagine your clit has an opening and a very large brick is trying to forcefully come out
Then your heart begins to pound and your head begins to spin
Then you begin to cramp up and your stomach tightens then the brick forcefully comes out
And you literally collapse
That’s how good it feels to be inside a woman
Lmao, you asked a question

Like cotton candy

Ibn Usman
Like a lil stiffer mayonnaise.
Not so light
Wait, this description might only be for a wet vagina tho
You have been a dry vagina?
Hmmm…. That’s a strong point. My description stays.

Can i even explain
Thinking about it.
After a long ass stressful day, working 9-9.
Coming home to a massage, in Jacuzzi and served fruits.
The feeling merged into 1 second
Feels like home
Well, of course that’s a pussy one loves to fuck.



You said already, there is no right or wrong in this. Just opinion, right? And you got the crucial point there, “Inside the vagina is about feelings”. That’s why I used emojis.

Warm, moist

It really is hard to describe in simple words truly. It feels like nothing else in this world and the best way to describe it is like a warm fleshy envelop that wraps itself around me and refuses to let go.

Heaven ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Like a warm apple pie

Warm, silky, soft & Wet.
Vaginas to an extent feel the same.

So there are two different ‘feels’ to pussy: finger feels and dick feels
Nah…forget the finger feels
Dick Feels: a vagina feels like a warm bath on a very cold morning; it’s deliciously warm but never uncomfortable
Tight or not so tight, a vagina almost always feels like home: warm and welcoming (every pun intended)
It’s a wonderful drug that gets adrenaline pumping and your heart racing like you smoked loud or had really really good wine.


Lol, I guess it’s all sorted then. I kind of have an idea what it feels like.