#TheWeekly8: Book-ish Items I Would Love To Own…



I have no idea why I’m always so excited on Fridays, it’s not like I’m club hopping or anything. I am just happy to have a weekend to myself and my books and my wine. Yeah. Yes, it’s my passion, if anyone knows of a company who needs someone to read books and drink wine, please give me a call. I really think, that would be my perfect job.

Today, I want to share some book themed products that I would Love love to own. Buying gifts for me would be so easy if only people would put their backs into it. Bookmark this post, so you can buy me and any other book lover in your life a thoughtful present. P.S you don’t need a special occasion to give someone a book gift.

1- These amazing throw pillows. Just look at them, wouldn’t it be so nice in a living room or library. It would be lovely anywhere! I love them.

2- Mug. I’m a collector of mugs and this would be an excellent piece to add to the stash. Crazy Book Lady, lol. That is so me!


3- Scarf. How amazing would this look on a yellow dress. A plain yellow dress. Lord. I wish I could get this.


4- Usb. Do I even need to go on about how cute this is? It might get lost in my hand bag but with a key holder ring, this would would be gold.

5-Bookmarks. I love bookmarks because I hate dog ears. When people return my books with dog ears, I get so pissed.

6-Accessories. Cute, cute, cute!!!

7- Amazing plates. Looking at this, I am just inspired to cooking and host a dinner party for my fellow book lovers.


8- Box tissue. This is just so amazing and cute!



Okay, I had extras. I got excited.

*Bed-sheet. This is making me want to cry!


*Pencils. Come on, don’t you just want to note something!

*Sneakers. Major nerd alert!


*Table. Imagine drinking some wine on this piece. Just look at it.


They are so lovely and I want them all! I found all the images used on Pinterest, it’s a really fun app, follow me.(so you can have more places to check if you need to get me a gift).