TheReview: Lekki Conservation Center And The Promiscuous Insects…



Hey y’all!

Been a minute. Did you have a lovely week? Mine was shit. I don’t know what it is, but i’m starting to lose the zeal for a lot of things. Maybe this is what the quarter-life crisis feels like. I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, I’m not reading anymore, even though I have a ton of books on my nightstand giving me the stinky eye(I can feel it). I stumbled on a post by The Girlfriend Blog that helped me put things in perspective, that’s another lovely blog I really like.

There are times when the zeal to do something you love just fades. It’s not for lack of passion, it’s just what it is. But in these times, it is because you know why you started it in the first place, that is what keeps you going.

I really love writing about my thoughts  and adventures and stories for posterity sake. And I have learned that some people like to read about them and may be inspired to go out and do things or share with someone who might need a little information that I have shared. That’s why I keep writing. I just want to entertain, inform and educate, I might not do it in the most conventional way but I think I still get the message across.

Last week, the family and I visited the Lekki Conservation Center. We were tired of the usual go out to eat routine and we wanted to do something more adventurous. (p.s i’m still working on Fun Things To Do On A Date In Lagos post and I think this might be one of them)Anyhoo, we Uber-ed there because Daddy Dearest was not interested in getting emotionally involved with the traffic. It’s very easy to find so that was cool. The fee is #1000 naira(for the skywalk, it’s another #1000) and this for a tour of the grounds on a wooden bridge which leads to a large space which has floor games(pretty cool). But the main fun activity in this place is to go on the skywalk, which I really wanted to do but the rest of the FAM wanted to do the ordinary stuff and since this is a democracy, I went with the group. I plan to return and do it again, I mean it is the longest skywalk in Africa and one  the longest in the world and I think it deserves to be on my list of achievements.

Anyhoo, we move…

Have you seen me yet? I can be very camera shy sometimes.



It was such a long walk. Whewwww…


Overall, it was a very interesting day. I even saw a 94 year old tortoise, maybe these vegans are right after all. Lol.

And some insects were mating!


You need to go to the Lekki Conservation Center. Wear very very comfortable shoes. Mosquito repellent(it is a swamp after all). And there is a suya guy who comes every weekend, he is really good.You should definitely try that.

Okay folks, have a wonderful weekend ahead.