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I always have arguments with people about what one round means. You know how guys like to boast that they can go 10 rounds in one one night! I always found it a little disconcerting. Like really? 10 rounds? What are you, a horse? And, what is a round any way? How is that decided? Is it when a guy cums or when the woman cums? Like what the fuck is a round?!!!!? So I went to ask #TheTribe. Did I get a satisfactory answer? Well, I’ll let you come to that conclusion on your own.


{DISCLAIMER: I had conversations with some of the folks, my replies would be in bold, it just sort of made sense to include it}


QUESTION: Folktales have told us that when a guy nuts, one round is done but what about you? 

Chris, Male
Folktale is wrong .
A man depending on how long he has been without sex or the level of anticipation may cum very quickly at the first attempt.
But for me for instance, I find that it usually takes up to 30mins or more to nut for the second round and even longer for a third.
I usually just have sex till the woman declares she’s sore or I’m sore.
Recovery between rounds also depends on hunger for the sex, the expertise of your partner, environment etc
Anonymous, Male
I’ve gone from 9pm to 6am before, didn’t count the rounds tho.
For me, It’s 1st nut… Normal time, a little longer before second nut, then a very very long round before third nut, then longer and longer and longer.
Recovery time depends on how good her head is.
First answer covers last question too. Lol

Toxic, Female
1. His/my orgasm is basically a round .
2. About 30mins- 1hr. Depends on how long the round was.
3. Probably a whole day sometimes .

Anonymous, Male
One round counts as one nut via penetration…don’t think a blowjob counts as a round.
Recovery time depends on your strength at the time,state of mind and how good the first was.
Longest I’ve done is 3rounds at a go

At a go huhn? Explain that for me

Like one night…there was no break between the 1st and 2nd…we chilled and talked and laughed plus a drink break before the 3rd
ButtonFruit, Female
A round of sex is when both parties cum. For a guy its usually one cum. But a girl can have as much as she can muster. It’s the guy’s job to give her that.
If he nuts fast then he should use other means to make her cum at least twice.
Recovery time varies. But between first and second round maybe max of 10 mins especially if the first round was not up to par.
5/6 before waving my flag.
Cy, Male
1. One round is when both parties have nutted preferably the lady first because it gets harder if I nut first.
2. Recovery time depends on a lot of factors so for me no particular time.
3. Again depends on the participants. For some I don’t go more than one and there’s been a few that have gone up to 5
*If the first round was good enough for a second round, then wait time can be like 20-30 mins
Anonymous, Female
“A round of sex” is satisfactory sex so it means I can go on and on till I’m extremely satisfied. For me if the guy is so good 2 rounds should round everything up.

Anonymous, Male
A round of sex is after the first nut from the guy….
If I wash up after the first round and she puts that booty on me, I’ll be up almost immediately and good to go
Highest ever: 7rounds
Still yet to match it

A, Male
Rounds or the time it takes to quantify is a function of individuality.
The true satisfaction comes not only in my cumming but when my partner says that was “Waoh”, irrespective of how many rounds or timing.
Anonymous, Female
A round of sex to me is basically when “I” cum…. If you cum, and I’m not there yet, that doesn’t count! Call me selfish but that’s just me!
It takes me about 10/15 minutes to “recuperate”
I’ve gone 5 rounds before! So let’s say 5!
Madam Creative®, Female
Ha……It all depends on the partner. There’s a round and a perfect round, so a perfect round for me is when my body can longer take the intensity of another orgasm (P.S i must have had like a minimum of 3 of the big O’s).
Recovery time depends on how good the first round was…most times i never recover at all till brother leaves or i leave.
How many rounds before the white flag?…Nne my konji level and how good it was after the previous round is a major determinant.

Anonymous, Female
Hmmm.. Tough question lol
I think I have never hit my limit. I always want more.
Let’s say the energy comes from no where.

Kels, Male
Completely agree with folklore.
As long as he arrives last ☺
But then again, it isn’t guaranteed that would always happen.
Like quickies for instance.
A minute tops, no foreplay. She’d definitely get excited but the guy will nut first.
Still a round in my books ☺
So second question. That’d depend on how I’m feeling before the showdown. Was i already tired? How long did we let the excitement build before getting down?
Some days it’s less than five minutes, some days after a short snooze.
Never gone beyond two.
Somebody cannot coman kill his self. 😒
A friend once said he’d gone seven rounds. In my eyes, Hercules has nothing on that one

Anonymous, Male
A round of course is when the man nuts
My recovery time varies
How many rounds, varies as well, between 3 and 5 though.

Married Anon, Female
-A round is when I cum because I have to gain thesame satisfaction with him.
-3 rounds as a good girl that I am✌🏼️


Aaron, Male
1) A round = when either of us climax. I think. It’s a round for me sha.
2) Recovery time for me is not accurate. Sometimes I stay hard after cumming.
The time varies, from few seconds to maybe 3mins or the next day 😒
3) I’ve gone 7 rounds. In which the first 1 or 2 is for me, the next 6 or 5 is hers. Basically. So you see what “round” means…to me

Aguiyi Ironsi, Male
1. To be very honest with you, even evolution had made one round of sex to be judged by when the man ejaculates, in all animals even in spiders in which the black widow kills the man or eats him or something.
2. It varies, when I was still a teenager i could ejaculate four times in one hour(this would be from masturbation), but for now just once and maybe a recovery period of 45 minutes.
3. I haven’t known my limit yet because I’ve never come across a woman who would let me sleep with her more than once at a time or there was always never any room to do it more than once.
But based on masturbation I’d say four times in 24 hours I’ve never gone beyond that (all the women I’ve ever been with always made me feel like they slept with me out of pity or a favour)
It’s not easy to get such a favour more than once in 24 hours and they don’t run a pity clinic.

Stefan, Male
Lol, it’s not a competition o.. If I nut and you don’t then I could help you in other ways to get you there… But then again play it before you start your round as a guy… I could be ready for another round in 15mins. And I’m waving my white balls after 2… No be government contract o

TeeCee, Male
Just like everything else, I like to believe that a round ending usually means the end of something (obviously) and this is best described when the fellow ejaculates as most women can keep going even after they come.
With that in mind, my recovery after a round ends depends on my mood, the girl in question and the chemistry. There are times when I don’t need any recovery time and can keep going even after I have had an orgasm and there are times when I need anything from five to twenty minutes.
Usually if the lady I’m with is really skilled and patient, by the time she starts gently squeezing my balls and gripping my shaft at the base while she gently sucks my cap, odds are that I would be ready to get going again pretty quickly.
If I’m not really attracted to the girl and not really into the sex, I may not get hard again until I’ve had time to sleep and clear my head of whatever bias I may have concerning said girl.


As for number of rounds, the most I’ve done at this time is about three. The first could be as short a five minutes or less (if I don’t get head to get the first nut out of the way) and a round can go as much as thirty minutes. Personally for me, when it’s going on for too long and I know I won’t cum, I’d rather stop and use my fingers and tongue to give her pleasure.Otherwise I’d just be going through the motions and the lady might get dry.

How considerate

Lol!!! Not really, I just really love giving head. So it’s really just an excuse for me.

Anonymous, Male
Well, going by the age long myth (cos I don’t know what a round is for ladies), a round for me is after I ejaculate. My recovery rate between rounds defer and is based on several factors which could include attraction, the said partner, stress etc. Thus “Johnny bravo” can rise again almost immediately, in 10 mins, 15 or 30. Also depending on the aforementioned factors I could go as many as 4 – 5 rounds in the spate of hours with subsequent rounds lingering than the previous.

IAmDickson, Male
A round of sex for me is when she cums. My recovery time depends on how good she is in getting it up. With good head; I am up immediately. Number of rounds? Till she is tired. It’s all about her in bed.

Mo, Male
– A round of sex is everything between the initial getting hard and the final “cum”.
– Recovery varies actually from personal experience. From 10 seconds which is considered back to back action, to a couple of minutes for down time n re-positioning. To 5-10 minutes when there is some banter and maybe alcohol.
– White flag usually 4 comfortably, but with a lot of stress and a certain nympho 6 was achieved but that was a “die on the line scenario”.

Nikki Benz, Female
1. When we are both satisfied (I would have cum at least 5 times before he cums, then we take a break)
2. Recovery time is 10 to 25 mins

C, Female
I think a “round” is relative. I cum multiple times before he does…and then we rest a bit before starting again. Is that a round? Maybe…

Anonymous, Female
Depending on how well the first round lasted. Two rounds is okay for me. A round of sex to me is when a guy penetrates or enters a lady and cums. The period he penetrates the lady to have sex till when he releases. Individuals last differently per round. If d guy is still erect, he can have another round, so my recovery time could be in seconds.


Well, well, well… There you have it! What do you think? Do you have any idea what a “round” is? Me neither. But i’m sure you have an opinion, let’s read it. Drop a comment below, let’s chat.


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