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Today is a very special day for me because I’m making something for the first time. And doing something for the first time brings on a lot of nerves and doubts and fears but I think this would not be that bad. Remember when I said Food Blogging Was Not That Hard, well, I apologize to all food bloggers, I take back my statement. Food blogging is hard. Especially when you’re making Nigerian food. See I wasn’t taught how to cook using a recipe, my mother taught me using her instincts and she tried as much as she could to groom my “instincts”. So, most times, I can’t exactly explain to you how I make something, I just do it(best way is to watch me). But in the spirit of sharing, I have learned that, it might not be the normal method so I am going to do my best to make sure I give a detailed chronology of this recipe.(It is my first time after all, Ill be back to polish this up after I have cooked it many more times)

I went to visit my best friend, Habiba who just had the most beautiful baby and I got to taste Afang soup for the first time ever. I know, some of you are reading this with your mouths open, but yeah. I have heard a lot about afang soup but never tasted it(no particular reason why). It was so so gooood. And I decided I had to make it for my mum who loves all kinds of vegetable soup. I asked Habiba’s mum for a Cliff Notes version of the recipe and I headed to the market.

It was until I got to the market that I figured what I was going to get and the quantity. How? The market women. They were so helpful with tips and tricks. I wish I could have just made a video of them talking. It was so much fun. One woman in the market even said, “e be like say you catch one man abi”.  I just had to make this soup. So, here are the ingredients I got. I can’t teach you how to measure though, I go with my instincts.

*Cow leg
*Assorted( Shaki a.k.a Tripe, Fuku{dunno its English name} and Liver)
*Stock fish
*Afang leaves(it was until I got to the market that I discovered it was Ukazi leaves, smh. They grinded it in the market with crayfish for me. apparently, that’s major Key)
*Smoked Fish
*Scotch Bonnet(a.k.a ata rodo)
*Seasoning cubes
*Palm oil

(DISCLAIMER: I wrote this as I cooked it. The notes that are in bold were made after I had finished cooking)
1- First of all, I started by boiling my Cowleg and assorted, till it’s soft.(I have old people teeth, so it needs to be really soft but not so soft that other people can’t enjoy it)

2- I used a big enough pot so that when I need to mix all the mixables, I have ample space. Meanwhile, my stock fish has been soaking in the water for over three hours so that it’s not dry when I eventually have to use it.(Note, I eventually had to boil it, 3hrs is not enough)

3- Next, I wash my water leaves and put it in a strainer, it normally has a lot of water so I don’t need the extra one from the wash.


4- While the assorted mixture is boiling, it’s time to take the bones out of the smoked fish. Then, blend my scotch bonnet with some onions. Not too smooth, I like it a little chunky.


5- When the assorted mixture is cooked and as soft as you prefer, add the blended pepper and onions, some seasoning cubes, a little salt, let it cook and mix a little. Don’t forget to stir well.

6- Now, it’s time to put in palm oil. Leave the pot open here. Let everything soak up in its juices.


7- Waterleaf time. Yaaay! Add the water leaves, stir properly and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.


8- Then you add the afang leaves/ukazi. Remember, mine is blended with crayfish. Stir properly and let it sit for…. About the same time, 3-4 minutes. You don’t want to veggies getting soggy.


9- And voila! You have just made the famous Afang soup. I enjoyed mine with Eba. But you can have it with virtually anything, semo, pounded yam, fufu even white rice! (It’s super amazing with rice though)


That’s my baby sister and her friend, Ugochi, enjoying my soup with eba.

So, if you are an expert at this meal, did I make this well? What was missing? How do you prefer to eat yours?

P.S I’m loving this cooking bit. I really enjoy cooking, I have never thought of sharing it until I had this blog, going forward, I think we are going to get more of that. Yeah?

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